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This core course offers a comprehensive and inspiring introduction to unified physics, the science behind the connected universe worldview. We explore its roots, its current application and its vast potential. Understanding the scientific principles of connectedness can have a profound effect on our everyday lives and on the world around us. Over the course of six modules, we explore the core concepts of unified physics, the holographic principle, current and emerging views in science, the historical roots of Modern Physics and the research of pioneers such as Einstein, Tesla, Fuller and Bohm. Throughout the course we follow Nassim Haramein’s journey of discovery and the nature of the profound shift in worldview that Unified Physics brings at this time, both in consciousness and in technological innovation.

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L’Académie Française est l’endroit où se rejoint la communauté francophone de la Resonance Academy. C’est un endroit de partage et d’échange sur le cours de Science Unifiée.

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