137 fine structure constant significance discovered

Dear faithful, scientists and theorists

I have been struggling to get physicists and mathematicians like yourselves to understand what seems very simple to me in my Unified Field Theory. I don’t have the mathematical training to explain it in complex equations and numbers so I have recorded a relatively short video using pictures so hopefully someone can understand what I am saying. The Unified Field Theory will end the 100 years stalemate in physics with Relativity and Quantum mechanics unified and explained in a few minutes of simple drawings. I would recommend everyone watch the full 20 minutes but I understand everyone has their own pressures, that there are a lot of loose theories not worth a penny knocking around and time is precious so I have sliced it up into small segments, hopefully one will ring a bell with someone who will watch the full 20 minutes and read my scientific papers, the Unified Field Theory and the solution to the double slit experiment which have multiple new experiments to verify the theory.

Full 20 minutes Unified Field Theory


137 fine structure constant energy/3Dimensional angle

In one sense the number 1/137 represents the critical angle a photon hits a field intersection which causes the vortex to begin within. Detected as an electron which is the building block of most other standard model particles with larger mass. Below this critical angle of 137° and/or below the energy needed for an electron the wave passes on as a photon without creating a vortex in the internal medium. At this critical angle and specific energy the vortex is formed and the uniform spherical field intersections begin twisting back and forth with relatively constant energy as the vortex passes along between RIKs. With higher energy it takes a lesser angle to create the vortex always keeping to this “golden ratio” 1/137 of energy to angle.