A draft answer to the biblical problem

Guys, i feel a great unrest like i need to start writing the most beautiful story of existence with all humanity, where all the stories in the world are included.

As if all stories, religions, science are connected. Some are lower resolutions as a message to connect to a higher resolution story.

I feel like humanity will create God as soon as the whole of humanity accepts how God should be. That is why i think it must be the best joke and simultaneously the most beautiful story ever written.

I started by unifying Religion with Science. Still a draft, but i need external input to keep thinking how to improve, please take a look:

I’m now more focused on how to better connect with know physics.

I appreciate all the input that could be given. Im grateful for all

Never forgett: Thinks you may known as informations from the Bible, are informations allowed to know!
You will never be able to get the true connection with only interpret the “mainstream” bible.

“In the beginning…”
could be:

“In the negative infinity of time God created the perfect vacuum energy that allowed intelligent matter structures to arise.”

etc, etc

Best Regards

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@xumic, nice article on reddit; inspiring.
My opinion; Just be yourself, be happy. We are creators, There are many stories and many creations. All the stories and creations are part of another story and other creation. There is no absolute truth or complete creation. It just keeps changing/evolving/growing. You can play your part and add your bit; thanks for that…
I choose to just enjoy all the stories that I want to be a part of and that enrich my life, build me up, inspire me to grow. Sometimes we take a step back and choose stories that disrupt, deplete, retard, dissociate, destroy etc. These can also be useful to help us reconsider and get a better view of reality so we don’t get stuck on our own personal limiting ideas and beliefs. Then we start up again with better perceptive and adaptive capabilities that enrich our life even further. Glad you are on this planet with us right now. This is how I Live my life: When life gets too hard, its ok to take a step back, take a brake, be an observer for a while, in the world but not a part of it. Its ok to experience yourself as separate as a coping mechanism for a short time. You can come back at any time when you feel you are up to it. Life is beautiful and sacred and there is no need to fully understand everything, or to explain it all. Its ok to not know. Blessings :pray:

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ah thank you @GioPan, well yes when I first wrote that, I had just landed from an
experience that shook the foundations of my belief structure and was indeed feeling a strong sense of urgency to embrace that transformative energy, create something new and pass it through…

I do tend to agree with you that we are all creators, and that all stories and creations are part of another story and other creation.

Well, If I truly see myself, I know I cant pick any favourite anything, and also cannot have a favourite definitive story for everything, the incompleteness of a story adds beauty to it, adds life to it, as any specific point of a story continuum could diverge and converge into another story, “ad infinitum”.

I suppose, like with music, I could select/create a collection/album of short favourite stories to make sense of myself at a given time and space, but that would definitely change on another space/time circumstance!

Your approach in life is inspiring and insightful! It might be good for me, to accept when i need to take a break and step back, well for sure that happens way more than I like to admit… thanks for that reminder!

Have a good one!

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@xumic every step forward is because of very step backward. In space there are no directions, there is no forward, backward, left, right, up down. Directions are man made. Movement happen in a spiral trough space which progressively increases.