About the Nile River "Snake", flooding and shifting

Hi Jamie etc,

Jamie had made a comment in Session 1 of the course, to the effect
that it would take a large river like the Nile a great many years to horizontally shift 8 kms away from the pyramids, to where it now flows- through the center of Cairo metropolitan BUSINESS area.

Sad to say- because I’m a HUGE fan, Jamie- this is not true as the Nile is known to quickly flood and shift on an almost yearly basis, hence resulting in the violently controversial Aswan High Dam project, which has very sadly, tamed the snake. The results to the pyramids now is rather negliglible, however back in the day yes, close proximity was required in order to perform the grand projects, although few or no kings or pharaohs ever actually LIVED around here.

Note that those EXCELLENT photos are no older than 150 years, and now I sit precisely where that water was, in those photos.

All the world’s great rivers are in effect water snakes, swelling and writhing as befitting earth contours and water volumes on a seasonal basis. This enriches the good earth around, benefitting subsoil ecosystems and maintaining regional fertility. It’s a real drag for the humans on occasion, but hey that’s Nature- sometimes we just get in the way. Period.

I maintain that no dam project has ever been approved without the real estate speculators being the prime movers. This of course has positive and negative results, ultimately quite negative, as surely in the case of the mighty Nile. All dams will break, and many more will perish with all river projects eventually, but thankfully not today.

Hope this helps in the pursuit of knowledge.