Any advice to build a proof of concept of a overunity generator?

Greetings everyone,

I would like to build a small overunity generator or a zero point extraction energy source as a proof of concept, a validation of the unified physics theory.
Nassim encourages to doubt, to question, to think by ourselves.
I don’t have enough a physical and biological knowledge large enough to confirm or reject the unified science.
If I can build a small proof of concept, no matter how simple, no matter how little the production of energy , it will vanquish my last doubts.

Would you have any recommandation on how to proceed? May be ressources available online ?

Thank you


I have no resources to offer but wanted to say I hope your venture is successful!
Although I can see why the government would suppress such technology, I find it suspect that no one has succeeded to create and share such a generator.

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I would be cautious of wanting to try to create, or dabble with technology of this magnitude with the intention of satisfying one’s curiosity. Can you imagine if scientists wanted to play around with fission technology for the sake of it?..oh wait, that’s exactly what happened 70 years ago.

My point being, a tool is just a tool, but the bigger it’s power, the more responsibility (and wisdom) it demands. This is portrayed quite elegantly in the allegory of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia (taken from a poem by Goethe):

With that said, my advice for “testing” your hypothesis of overunity energy: try growing a plant and observe its growth. It is beyond fascinating to witness, and is literally an overunity generators (so is any biological entity). There’s an elegance and beauty about the ways plant grows that embodies not only overunity and the cycle of decay/rebirth, but also geometry based on solids (number of leaves as triangles, pentagons, hexagons) but also their colours (reflecting back specific frequency of the visible spectrum we call Light). Not to mention personality and the wisdom they imbue. :sunflower:

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hi Thomas… I just crossed over Bashar’s Space-Time Antenna, a design channeled by Bashar that is supposed to be a starting point of such a device that you are willing to try. Just google it and you will find some interesting things.

There are some engineers that have been experimenting in the zero point field tech. John Searl is maybe the most dramatic example (the SEG - there is a movie made about it, website online; I have visited his lab here in the U.S.). The simplest demonstration would be pulse electromagnetic motors using Nikola Tesla approaches. Keppe Motors had kits (I built one - a table-top fan). However, John Bedini (maybe the source of Keepe’s tech) is the most notable researcher (now deceased) with regard to this. These are higher efficiency motors that may be pulling some zero point energy into the circuit. You can play with Bedini’s SSG circuits for that research. I have a website with links for these and other related topics, . If you were to manage to actually build something that drew significant usable energy you may attract unwanted attention (you’d have to get pretty far along to do that). You then get into what Dr. Steven Greer has info on, and that is where you enter rather dangerous territory at this time, until things change. There is a long and involved history of those who tried to demonstrate and/or patent zero point type energy sources. Hope Girl (QEG tech) found 70,000 patents that were “classified” here in the U.S. that were over-unity or high efficiency tech. It is carefully watched. You do NOT want to try to patent such a device in the current situation (if you were that far along in the effort), at least in any of the G8 countries I’d say. Dr. Greer has extensive experience with a situation most will be rather shocked about, but clarifies what is going on. I think it is great to learn as much as possible and experiment, and hope there are some lifting of restrictions/repression soon.