Any examples of Real Tangible experiences of Merkaba

Hi there - New to the community - be nice !

Thought i’d throw this out there and see what comes back

Remember, our experiences especially metaphysical will be subjective and we will all perceive reality spiritual or physical in our own unique way - so please share any expeirences you have had with the Merkaba and is this the same thing as the 5D light Body?

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Hi there, I believe this is what I’m feeling when I feel grounded, safe and whole, and breathe through all of my internal space, then I open up all the space all around me in all directions, and I visualize the 6 points of the merkaba ( front, back, above, below, side and side) and connect each point to the others…then I connect my center, from around the sacral/solar plexus area and visualize gold light moving from my center filling all the space inside the connected field…
I dont know, it works for me! Vicki

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I experienced the expansive ‘groundedness’ as I was reading… thanks for that Vicki!

Hi Merkaba or light body is it the is the hard for me to say.once I am beyond where my mind can go.i may use words like I travelled in my merkaba.or I was in my light body and travelled. These seem to me to be the nearest labels we can find to be able to describe an inner experience with language. It is hard to describe experiences beyond our mind.when mystics describe the beyond it is often remarkably similar even though separated by time and culture.e.g all is one.Nassim is starting to explain topics in this territory.
Merkaba is an ancient name for something some may describe as a light body.5 d light body is a much more modern term.i FEEL they are descriptions of different aspects of our expanded being but can not say how just yet.thanks for the question,it got me thinking.

I am building a flying machine based on the geometric properties of the merkaba. I believe this technology will bring humanity into an age of living and traveling comfortably throughout the earths atmosphere. It will spin and fly slowly and gently. I’m very exited about this. I try to make progress every day.

Hi There I’m new here but I’ve had several experiences and awesome out of this world session with astral travel in this way . I learnt from my mentor Solara an ra and another ascended soul Stephen Altair and a team of ascended souls called LEAP the illumination of all.
I have been able to communicate in the ether with others and see their vision . I’ve experience colours visions and been given knowledge of other beings existence whilst in this state of being .
It’s otherworldly and as long as you follow the process by grounding and connecting with source energy you will be safe travelling in your merkaba and light body :rainbow: