Applying WorldView in Daily Life in a Pandemic

This struck me today, taken from Module 1.6: As we move through our daily lives, let’s ask ourselves…> “What worldview lens am I looking through in my experience?”

“What worldview lens am I being presented by others, such as my family and friends, and as well by the media, academic, economic, corporate, political and other large and collectively influential institutions?

The current Covid-19 pandemic responses and media coverage are challenging me/us at every level of our society. I am seeing both Worldviews in the responses/coverages. What are you all seeing?

For me: Sometimes, it looks like there is a global-Unity worldview operating where - we need to sacrifice our freedom to move about, sacrifice economically to protect the most vulnerable-worldwide. Then, I see social groups or segments that say they Disagree. They do not want to cooperate, they only see the social restrictions as infringing on their ‘separate’ rights. They seem to hold a world view of separation, not unity.

I’ve decided to cooperate with restrictions, as it fits my WorldView of unity and cooperation.

What are you all seeing? Where is this going?

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It is not a Unity. We were forced to sacrifice. Millions of people are stripped down from money and independence. People are locked, Countries are locked -that is not Unity.

There is, however, The Unity but from different source - from heart. If You seek the connection with others by Your own will it is freedom and the only true Unity.
At least I see that this way.


What I see is exactly what “Thrive” movie talks about, specifically the fishing method which collapses the economy system once in a while. It enslaves most of the people and reinforce the top wealthy. That is what is going on.
For example, in my country, the annual death rate from a common flue is round 1000. up till now there are 150 death cases, almost all above 80 years old. BUT- many of us have no income for over a month, the kids are at home, we are not allowed to travel far(500 m.) from home, many are simply panicking and suffer from anxiety ,entire cities are locked down and the police and army are having a lot of fun- not to mention the prime minister…
Look at Sweden. I think they have a different perspective.


Thank you for your thoughts.

Thank you for your perspective. There is a huge diversity in how people are experiencing this. One of my strongest responses is that most of us just don’t have the full picture, we don’t have clarity on what exactly is happening. It is unlikely that we will know. So, the choice is in how to respond. And so as individuals, we must choose our response. I am doing my best, and I know you are too.

I also respect and appreciate the Thrive movie. Very much so.

Dear dear Jan,

I am sitting in my living room, somewhere out there in the troubled middle east, feeling the words “doing your best” in my mouth while listening to my latest album.
what is doing one’s best. Surely most of the time I’m a huge failure to myself in terms of betraying my dreams. There seems to be a growing dichotomy between inner-outer these days more then ever. A dichotomy between society and me. The lock down has no meaning for many in my surrounding, but besides loosing my day job I feel far more disconnected to others, in all areas of life.
So, entering this course due to Nassim generosity is a peculiar timing, where inner believe of wholeness totally collides with every day experience of separation…

I can love. I can heal. I can see.
The question is, who?

Dear Mor_Carmi, I apologize for my delay in responding. I feel your heartfelt sharing so deeply. Just know that in spite of apparent separation, I also feel our UNITY, I feel your sadness and the dichotomy. And I feel joy that you HEARD my topic, and replied to me with your heartfelt experience. We are connected, and I think we have a similar powerful desire to awaken, to arise, to evolve and to become the amazing beings that we know are possible. We feel that powerful potential within us, of tolerance, of patience, of creativity with other humans.

And I agree that this course is so helpful to bring us together, and somehow, as we collectively grasp a NEW Worldview, from Module 1, a worldview of unity and connection, it will transform our lives. It must. It is a certainty.

So, I am imagining sitting together with you, sharing tea and conversation and our hopes together. And I send this energy out to you of acceptance and love and collaboration and support. I hope that you can feel my presence, as I feel yours.

May this week bring many gifts to you, in support of your own growth and well being.

Kind regards, In Unity,

I see a third World War happening at the moment, This high ranked Russian Officer says it quite clear.

It’s Russian with German translation and english subtitles.

They want to use fear as a weapon against us and this already started when Albert Einstein refused Dr Wilhelm Reich to have an personal appointment.with him because Einstein favored Nuclear threat whilst Reich said that humankind cannot evolve under the circumstances of fear.

Like Master Yoda said ( Paramahamsa YOgananDA )

Fear is the path to the dark side
Fear leads to anger
Anger leads to hate
Hate leads to suffering.


“My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.”

Hello Ogneslav, Thank you for your reply and thoughts. I also admire the archetype of Master Yoda very much. And, the point of the video, and your quote highlight that Fear is not the answer. And, those who have political, financial and media control will most likely want to use it.

I do not want to be controlled, as I sense my own sovereign soul, and I can hope and focus and pray that enough of humanity also wants to exercise their free will, and choose a better world for our human family. A world where All Win can be a goal worth pursuing. Idealistic, yes. Worth pursuing - absolutely. The win-lose paradigm must be replaced.

Wishing you good health and personal growth.
Namaste, fellow learner,



By the way George Lucas used the Name YODA from
Paramahansa YO[ganan]DA

Hello, English is not my native language so I apologize if anything is misspelled. I live in Brazil and here I realize that what the media shows is a disconnected worldview. Still, measures are being taken based on the financial interest of a few. For example a connected worldview would make it impossible to tolerate world hunger. We would look more at people who have a lot of money and are still committing suicide for not knowing how to deal with life. We would no longer destroy nature just for our own comfort. None of this would be someone else’s problem if we had a connected worldview. We would use the disease to learn what is wrong and what we need to change. However, the concern today is to find an immediate cure that would allow us to continue to destroy life in every way. We have not yet been able to apply the connected worldview in our society, as this concept does not yet have a majority of supporters. We can try to apply it within our families, but here I still encounter resistance. Well, we are in the prelude to new ideas, over time they will spread.
At least I believe.


Thank You ize for Manifesto :slight_smile: well said.
I know there are magnetic biorezonans devices which are operate on Extremely Low Frequencies to cancell numbers of deaseas but one particular task those devices do seems to be especially interesting. They are able to read ones personal health code from one body and enforce it. One may order a magnetic tape or plaster with this personal health code and apply it on shoulder and it works few days enforcing the immune system. This is an example of Connected worldview, I think. Our immune system can defend ourselves being strong. Isolation (masks) and sanitizers are weakening this system and are pure disconnected worldview applications.

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Hello all from France.
The French government behavior is questionable since day one of the so called pandemy. Their actions doesn’t make any sense to me. The medias and them contribute to spread fear in order we, the people, accept restrictions to our personal liberties
I recently watched Thrive and I cried halfway through because I realized the scenario in the documentary was actually happening with the covid 19. I watched a few more French videos: they converged to the same conclusion: a few elites control the world money and they use their power to control us (for the better in their twisted minds).
But we can use this event to spread unity and cooperation to change the world for the better instead of letting them making us competting in fear.


Voici un document résonant formidablement avec la géométrie de la théorie de l’unification …

Greetings, Dear Ize.biologist,
I share your viewpoints and ideas. A Connected worldview would make it impossible to tolerate hunger, or destruction of nature. I pray for a growing awakening in humanity, to desire a connected worldview, and the commencement of healing.

Dear Ex-East, Thank you for your comments, and the information about the bio-resonance devices. Yes, I’ve read many articles and sharings about the growing body of a more harmonious medical treatments and systems. I reckon that humanity is slowly awakening, and these technologies are signs of the desire for a connected worldview that is growing stronger day by day.

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Dear Thomas,
Hello from Colorado, USA. I thank you sincerely for your comments. I also watched the Thrive film, and have great appreciation and respect for that work. It also touched me deeply. As ‘connected worldview humans’, we do not want to be controlled by elites, or anything. We want to be free to live and grow and expand, as we were designed to do. I also agree that with the connected worldview, there is MUCH less fear. Because when we cooperate and help one another, there is so much support, we don’t have as much to fear.

Blessings to you in your journey,

This is a general reply to the thread. Oh and hi Jan long time no see : ) When I left the US I didn’t imagine meeting you again yet here you are!

No one chooses to deliberately hurt themselves, even in cases where that appears true, for example cutting or suicide, the person is attempting to stop a negative state and bring about resolution. So I really agree with we are all trying our best. Along these lines we are all choosing as well, but the same choices aren’t available to everyone. World view isn’t purely intellectual, it is a holistic phenomenon, something that is a combination of mind/body/emotion/experience. A world view doesn’t change by simply watching a movie, being exposed to new intellectual knowledge, viewing sacred geometry, etc. Like an athlete developing a skill, a world view is something that is developed over time and even years. Most don’t develop their world view, they take-on what was handed to them by their culture and never grow beyond it. The tools for changing world view are emotional work, contemplation/space memory work, mindfulness, forgiveness(a form of mindfulness) etc. Those tools are very different from lifting weights and jogging for miles, but just as intense or even more intense in their own ways. Despite the difficulty of this work, I believe it can be done. Much of the world is raised on a culture of emotional avoidance, and that avoidance somehow being viewed as cool and macho. This kind of thing is a breeding ground for the behavior we typically associate with fear but fear is not an automatic nail in the coffin; it can’t stop the light of awareness. So with fear there is the question of how we deal with it: do we keep the awareness or withdraw it. When we withdraw it, growth stops. When we keep it, growth continues and attempts at imparting fear become learning experiences, like the enemy showing their playbook on one level, or like a friend revealing a wound on another level.

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