ARK Chain Broke - Fix or Replace Tips Pls?

The chain for my ARK crystal broke. Repaired with dental floss but that broke too.

Can I replace it? Do they sell chains separately? Maybe is a broken chain covered under warranty? Any tips for repair?

Many thanks.

Mine broke at the end part on the first day but since then I’ve been using a non metallic cord cause I am worried about metal against skin not being good for EMF reasons. It could act as an antenna in high EMF environments.

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I took the chain off mine and replaced it with a silk cord.
Much prefer the more natural energy.
Since you have already removed the chain (!) this would be easy to explore.

Separately, the ARC people were very helpful with a different issue I had.

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Hanging mine from a black elastic hairband now. Looks nice, but I sure do like the original chain.

Is it titanium? Thought titanium was stronger than that.

Mine broke early on too. Couldn’t get a replacement chain. Used leather instead, and I’m much happier.

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Was it a link that broke on yours or the cap at the end of the chain. For me it’s the cap.

The reason why I have not asked for a repair so far is that titanium being harder than quartz I am worried that using the original chain may scratch the quartz if I lie down and the chain touches the quartz or if for some reason I have to put the crystal in a pocket…

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It was a link.

Sounds right about titanium scratching silicon, but I’d be surprised that Nassim didn’t foresee such a problem.

The ARK metal frame precludes most contact with other objects, but I can see that, over time, with a lot of agitation, the chain might dull the finish on the faces of the crystal.

It’s just that I put it in my pocket often so titanium chain in pocket means scratching for sure.