ARK Crystal Experiences

Who here has an ARK crystal? What has been your experience with it? Can we all share the ways we have learned to work with these things?

I feel very connected to mine. I am usually wearing it over my heart. I know it can be used to charge up water, but I like the feeling of wearing it so much that I rarely take it off. It also seems to have a dramatic effect on chakras and acupuncture points, when I put the crystal there.

What are others’ experiences like? What do you do with yours?


Hello aqua,

I only had mine for 48 hours so it’s hard to give a definite answer. I bought 2 to be able to charge up water while wearing one.
I also want to say I have little knowledge in anatomy and energetic. I have only been practicing Qi gong for 5 months. Once a week at beginning and everyday for the last 2 months.

That being said, when I practice QI gong with it, I feel more energy. When I do auto massages after practicing Qi gong, I only have to think about an organs and my hands go right to it to massage this spot. I don’t have to consciously move my hands. When I massage meridians, again I just have to think about it and my hand follows meridian paths along my body. Even some meridians I am not sure I know about. I feel it’s easier to move in general.

I have been feeling pain in my right shoulder for the past few years due to a bicycle accident. Through acupuncture and qi gong, I could feel the pain slowly fadding day after day. But I could always feel that my shoulder movement was not smooth, like something was out of place and suddenly shfiting when I was moving it.
Yesterday I put my left hand on my shoulder and I focused for a few seconds. Then I tried to move my shoulder and the movement was smoother. No sudden shift. I was quite amazed…

I believe it helped me keeping my calm through stressful conversations with my roomates but it’s hard to say.
About balance, strength and all, it’s hard to say if there is an improve yet.


Update after a few more days:
I downloaded the ebook on ark Crystals and meridians on the ark Crystals website. I tried to put the crystal on the different acupuncture points mentioned in the ebook as described.
The feeling was intense when I put it between the 2 laogong.
Then after experiencing a bit more, I believe I awakened a memory that was engraved within my cells. It was quite emotional…
I have been wearing it day and night for now. My kinesiologist and my qi gong teacher recommended me to take it off at night so that I don’t get overcharged. That’s what I’m going to do now.


I also use the free energy set up by Keshe ( site) and it was suggested to me to program the free energy there. Has anyone used this method ?
I did it, but I didn’t really choose convincing programming …

Nous avons le cristal il y a cinq jours. j’ai une tendinite chronique de l’épaule qui descend jusqu’au poignet. Après avoir mis le cristal sur les points d’acupuncture , je sens vraiment un soulagement et libération de mon bras . c’est fabuleux . Merci Nassim .


Placing 2 ARK crystals (or even one), on the Pericaridum 8 (palm) and bringing your other palm above it is truly powerful. In my experience and from what others have shared with me, I can very clearly observe/feel the circuit close and it is beautiful to witness that inside and out :slight_smile: I’m sure you were already aware of this sensation through your practice long before you had your crystal. I am curious to learn more about your Qi Gong experience as time progresses with your ARK crystal :arkcrystal: :raised_hands:


Hello Andrea,

so I have been wearing it around 15h a day. I also bought a 5,5L jar and put my second crystal under it. I drink almost only water from that jar (+ 2 or 3 hot beverages a day). I empty the jar every 2 days which seems quite a lot of water to me. I tried to put a crystal in my tibetan bowl at night, right by my bed. I don’t know if it has any effect.

Today I didn’t do much Qi gong but I did 3 meditations of around 15 minutes. One with the crystal between my 2 laogong and on top of my lower dantian. A few hours later, I felt something popping on my left cheek quite distinctly. The feeling is a bit weird. Like a little bruise. The location corresponds to an acupoint of the left stomach meridian. My right foot’s second toe has been having spams for quite a while. According to my qi gong master, it’s because of my right stomach meridian. So the energy didn’t flow well along these meridians, there was an overcharge and it popped in my left cheek.
I guess I did too much meditation and not enough qi gong today. I will not wear it tomorrow and I will do more Qi gong and meditate less. My Qi Gong teacher says 20 minutes of meditation a day is enough.

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Me and my husband got a lover’s pair two days ago and what we immediately noticed was a huge feeling of peace and stable and focused mind. I wear mine over my heart too and it feels like my heart center stays open. It was almost overwhelming the first day (I even experienced fatigue and some pain in my nervous system), but the emotional feeling was so good that I didn’t take it off. I’m wearing it the whole day and put it next to my bed at night. My sleep was amazingly restorative. Also I’m a therapist and usually I feel emotionally drained after a session with a client (because I feel their emotions inside my body every time) but these two days I felt grounded and didn’t experience their emotions so much. I didn’t charge water yet.

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Hi there:

I have been using the crystal since Jan 2018. I am a naturopatic therapist and have been using it to activate and code water for different illnesses of my patients (also use it myself), and have been having very interesting results. One particular case was a woman with esophagus cancer who took radiotherapy and received a too high dosage. At night she felt like her chest literally burning form the inside. She could not eat nor even drink anything as the burning sensation got even higher. By the third day thins were really getting worrysome as she had not even drank water. We gave her activated water that in this case she could take by sipping slowly (it did not cause burning sensation) an eagerly took 3 l in a couple of hours, after which she fall sleep. By night she woke up and the burning sensation was almost gone, and was starving… and now she could accept food. She is not a believer in alternative therapies (also, she is a doctor), so she only came to us as a really very very last resort (her daughter tell here to resort to us) and did not wanted to continue an alternative treatment. But from we heard later she continued her radiotherapies, and went very well, doctors telling they don´t understand how suddenly the treatment started to work so well.

Also I want to mention that I use the crystal as a pendulum and have found it to work very well, specially when doing manifestation practices with it.

Cheers, will post more anecdotes in the future. Thanks at RSF for this Forum, it gets me more connected with this resonant community.




Hello Ramon ! What do you mean by manifestation practices while using the Ark Crystal as a pendulum ? I have been using it as well as a pendulum and I “clean” it before use, applying the method meant for the Egyptian pendulum.

How are you using the Ark Crystal to code water ? Putting a bottle of water above the Ark Crystal ? Adding an intention while doing it ? I usually hang the Ark Crystal from the top of the bottle of water. Maybe there is a more efficient way to go ? Please let me know. Thank you !

Third day with ARK Crystal

There is definitely something going with this ARK Crystal !!

When I drink water with Syrian rue seeds, I feel my prana more. I feel it as liquid white rainbow light in my body and outside of it. When I drink the Syrian rue, I feel it more with my head and it’s visual- I see a little bit of rainbow halo out of the corner of my eyes, sometimes.

With the ARK, I feel my energy body more. In spite of much yoga asana, I don’t think much about my energy body in a particular lexicon or anatomy. I feel the meridians throughout my body more. I feel the field outside my body. It feels more physical as opposed to in my head.

I’ve had thoughts/ awareness of my chakra layout and how this influences my interactions with others.

I feel I am radically dehydrated.

Last night, as I lay down to go to sleep, I had the idea to imagine my personal inner landscape. I have this place that I’ve been cultivating for many years in guided meditations, etc. and it’s a landscape. I went there and then I was kinda like drawn into a third eye tunnel, really easily. It felt like remote viewing. I was moving quickly on a road in what I think of as Utah or Arizona and I heard a voice say, “you belong here.”

I can learn to remote view.

I’ve been going through a lot of personal development especially in the last two years. In January 2019, I made a major shift in my life. I decided to stop tolerating abuse from bullies. I spent about a year and a half examining my psychology. I even did some sessions with a psychologist. Long story short, I grew up in emotional abuse. It was kind of unacknowledged. I was codependent. I noticed that all my relationships with men have been codependent. I once dated a guy who was healthy and I broke up with him cause it felt weird.

I realized that being put down was normal because that’s how my mom communicates.

My intention with the ARK crystal was to fully shed my skin and that’s kind of what has happened in the last 48 hrs. Recently, I spent a lot of time analyzing the patterns and then sort of being with them. The series of eclipse was great for me because it was a gateway and I basically felt in a new chapter and it sort of felt like I had a little bit of stuck shed that needs to be removed; I was thinking about the past and sort of stuck in resentment. I’ve let go of some of the resentment by staying more in my energy field, more in my business. Shit happens and other peoples’ shit isn’t my shit.

For me the big thought transformations have been around not needing to help people with their shit. I don’t need to overburden myself. I doesn’t serve anybody.

I’ve come into an awareness that I am quite energetically empathic. I feel stuff but I don’t know what Im feeling. An energy worker once told me that probably a lot of the ideas I experience aren’t mine. This resonated. I’ve been transforming around not attaching to the ideas. I acknowledge that Im the one who empowers the ideas with my focus.

So with the ARK I’ve gotten clarity around my energy anatomy. The last 36 hrs have been discernment around what is me and what isn’t me.

This morning, I did a yoga asana practise and I felt more integrated. Core strength is a challenge for me. It’s challenging to do postures which require integration of upper and lower body. I felt more physically integrated. I did an intuitive flow and I found myself inspired to go to more challenging poses- I did bakasana (crow pose) and managed to hold it for a while. I did forearm balance preps which for me are usually a big " i can’t ". I felt aware and strong.

… the ARKventure continues…

I’ve been having an awesome time with my ARK crystal. Wow! We are now 2.5 weeks in.
The ARK has an intelligence.

  1. I did a photoshoot with the ARK crystal and the photographer suggested we use the ARK as a monocle. I’ve never thought of this. It was an inspired idea, in the moment. It looks very steam punk or terminator like.

My 6 year old daughter has ambylopia. He was born was a paralyzed nerve in her face. The reason is unknown. Neither Allopathic or Ayurvedic physicians do not think that she experienced an in utero stroke. She’s probably legally blind in her left eye. Anyways, I suspect it is a midline asymmetry associated with folic acid and methylation issues. We do eye patching. She doesn’t like it. She is able to function with her eye patched. In order to read text, she has to hold it really close to her face and it’s annoying.

Opthamologists think that the eye is just fine and that it’s the nerve relaying from eye to brain that is the problem. Anyways, it’s interesting that the ARK suggested to put it on an eye. Maybe it could help her brain wire to the eye. It’s a possibility. Certainly the brain using the eye would be an increase in system coherence.

  1. My ARK crystal keeps reminding me of Einstein the crystal skull. It has communicated that the ARKs are to the resonator what baby Einsteins are to Einstein the skull… :slight_smile:

My Einstein the crystal skull story is : I kept hearing about Einstein and I was like whatever. I ended up at an event with a bunch of other crystal skulls. Then I randomly found myself at an Einstein even and I was like, “Woah! It’s the internet !! “ A couple of months after that, I was feeling all tingly and psychedelic for like two days but and I realized that several people I knew had gone down to Sedona to chill with Einstein and I was feeling it.

Ever since I got my ARK, I’ve been thinking a bunch about Einstein the skull.

  1. I’ve been having insights into the nature of my energy body. There are different shapes and frequencies on different layers.

I am aware of an oval of energy around me. The quality is softer and more open. It feels like it’s all around me equally.

I have a second field. This radiates from the centre outwards. It’s like a bladed lotus. It’s like horizontal swirls. It functions to keep what isn’t me out of me and away from me.

I feel my core energy more. It’s deep inside more in the centre of my physical body. I feel it focused around my heart and spine and internal organs. It has a quality sort of like liquid magma.

I’ve been pondering the acquisition of an ARC crystal ever since they became available. I kept hemming and hawing. Finally, my wife really got the itch and we popped for one. It arrived just before Christmas. We each took turns wearing it. I couldn’t tell anything, but the instant my wife held the crystal and/or held it to her heart, she giggled. She described it similar to being tickled. That was pretty cool.

However, it gets a bit more objective. She grows sprouts, germinates and grows them in a Mason jar. She’s been doing it for over a year now, so we both know what the initial germination looks like. Fairly weak and sporadic. Just a couple days ago, we decided to start a batch of seeds, resting the jar just above the ARC crystal. The difference couldn’t have been more obvious. After roughly 60 hours, the growth rate is at least 50% better than usual. Also, almost every seed germinated. Talk about coherent, each sprout is so similar to every other (well, virtually all of them).

I gotta say, for me, this experience is a game changer. I’ve believed in Nassim’s work for many years, but part of me always had doubts. But to have this crystal, to live with it, tinker with it; it feels much more like we’re part of what he and the Resonance team are doing. Hooray for everyone that has worked so hard to make this happen!


Where did you get that ark emoji??? :arkcrysta

I’ve had an ARK crystal for 13 months now.
I’ve had interesting experiences where the crystal feels conscious, like an entity.

Most recently, my dog lost the ARK in the backyard. I thought it was a goner but I checked in with the crystal and it said, “I am safe” and I had this feeling like all was well. I decided to feel alright and at peace. I looked for the crystal but couldn’t find it. Anyways, my mother found it. It was gone for less than 12 hrs. In spite of the odds, I felt that I would get it back.

I have a 9 year old doberman who was diagnosed with heart disease. She was “supposed” to be dead a month ago and is now healthier than she was 1 year ago. She was wearing the ARK non stop for 4 months as well as receiving pharmaceutical drugs and a supplement stack. I think all these things worked together. She still experiences heart failure ( the heart muscle doesn’t pump enough to move all the blood around her body optimally) and irregular and accelerated heart rate but she’s living nicely. I am curious to see how this pans out.
Before the diagnosis, she was quite lame in her joints. Now, she is moving nicely. I give her various forms of magnesium, vitamin C, supplements formulated for heart health as well as a super awesome designer glutathione precursor (that is the sauce).

Over the last 13 months, my ARK has popped out of its saddle several times and each time I’ve been able to locate it. I conclude that the magnetic saddle is not suitable for wear by children or animals but it is suitable for adults. Every time the ARK has popped out when I am present, it’s like it connects with me and say, “Here I am!” and it falls in a conspicuous place. I’ve never experienced anything like this with an “inanimate” object.

:slight_smile: :heart: