ARK crystal NOW in Module 6

Greetings everyone!

The ARK crystal section of Module 6 is available - enjoy, explorers!
:arkcrystal: :arkcrystal: :arkcrystal: :arkcrystal: :arkcrystal: :arkcrystal:



An overview of the ARK technology is given there

You will find the Module 6 at this link (free subscription) :


thank you so much :rose:

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Yay! I took the course precisely because I wanted to learn the science behind my new ARK crystal companion. This section promise to be interesting :slight_smile::pray:

Anastasiya - How are you finding the ARK crystal to be benefitting you in your own experience ?

It’s been only a few days for me, but I immediately noticed an improvement in my emotional state and mind. Usually my emotions change a lot during the day and I also pick up on the negative states of others. The crystal seems to ground me, open my heart, make me more “harmonious” in my interactions with others. I had multiple occasions to argue or to feel frustrated these days, but I just couldn’t and another way of asserting myself or of responding presented itself to me, one which was not based on fear. I also wrote about other benefits I noticed here : ARK Crystal Experiences

And you, do you have one and if so, what is your experience with it?

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No, I do not have one, which is why I was to hear how others like you experience it. I have been unemployed for along time, and these crystals are fairly expensive, so I am conflicted about spending money for them now. Thank you;.

Hi Steve,

I am in a similar position to yourself (I am retired with no income) but I seem to resonate with the very idea of the ARK crystal. The more of us who have a crystal, the better for everyone. :heart: :heart: :heart: