ARK Pros and Cons

While I love learning about the positive benefits of ARK crystal technology, I’m also curious to hear about the potentially negative effects of using the ARK crystal. When, how, and/or where can too much of a good thing create undesirable results?

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I personnaly found that sleeping next to my ARK crystal doesn’t better my sleep, but wearing it during the day and then putting it in another room for the night does. I believe it’s linked with my human design profile (according to human design there are four types of human design, two of which are non-energetic). I’m of those. As a projector I use energy supplied by others and then need to discharge it at night to feel well. I think this is the same thing with the ARK : it boosts me during the day, but at night being next to it prevents me from discharging accumulated energy and I simply can’t relax. So this is not a negative effect per se, just using it wisely according to our energy type.


Hi all,
The ARK crystal enhance and improve the process of feedback information that is constantly occuring in your body at quantum scale. Biology do its best to access and recreate what lie in the Planck field of information, the ARK extend this horizon and the acccuracy of this process. Thus, using it can’t have cons, you just have to feel when you have to wear it or not as mentioned by @Anastasiya.
Wish you a great experience with your ark :wink:


Hi Peter, a friend of mine and I just bought a pair of Ark but unfortunately, after having being tested by my Osteopathe, we discovered both of us that it was NO Good for us; the kinaesthetic test was absolutely definite !!
We are trying to sell it back on this Forum but I have no idea on how to do that…?
Would you have any idea ?
Thanks in advance for your reply !

Hi! I’m in the market for a couple of these. How do I reach you?