As a "newbie" what is working for me in learning these concepts

In high school physics, I struggled with the concepts and application. Nassim and his staff are now showing me why I struggled. The concepts were taught as unrelated and that affected my motivation big time. Later I discovered that wholeness is motivating because it is True and therefore helpful.

Because I am so grateful for Nassim’s work, I am very determined to get all I can get from it because I see how important it is to me as an individual and to society as a whole.

What is working for me now is to watch the videos and to write down everything Nassim and his staff say and then to replay/review until I begin to grasp and integrate the concepts.

I do not know which category to share this in and I don’t know if it would be helpful to other
“newbies” but I have a strong desire to share it so maybe someone can direct me to an appropriate category.

Julia White


I feel you, Julia! What Nassim shares with us resonates with me so deeply, and even though I am not really grasping it all—what I do get… all makes so much sense !! I have been in a mentorship for the past 5 years with a few people that are light years beyond me in another area. At first, I actually was considering quitting because I just couldnt keep up. I listened ti\o the sessions over and over and over , and now 5 years later …I can now listen to the first year sessions, and finally get it! So I am going to treat what Nassim teaches the same way. I believe that our minds are much more capable of retaining what we see and focus on than we are aware of… I mean… it has to!!! Considering, I finally get what I thought I would never understand 5 years ago that somehow makes sense now. The very very cool thing is that now… I not only understand what I have learned over the past 5 years… but I have found myself gravitated to a whole lot of other areas of study that I had never previously had an interest in. It seems that our physical body and our infinite potential is being revealed to me in so many different areas - where they are all coming together as one. So, I wouldnt really worry about it… listen to it over and over again … and even if you cannot logically grasp it- you are reprogramming your mind to think differently and your awareness will catch up eventually! Enjoy the journey! I am so thrilled with all of his teachings and just to be on this site to read and learn what everyone has to say - really a great time to be alive !!


Thank you, Lady-Jessica, for your lovely reply. I understand and agree wholeheartedly with all you said. I, too, am finding that I am “getting it” the more I reread and review. I get flashes of understanding and that is so reassuring that . . . as you said . . . we are discovering.realizing more and more of our potential. Nassim is so thorough and he gets to the meaning of everything, I can understand him, maybe not right away but with a little review, I now see that it is possible. That is so refreshing and so “heartening!” I look forward to enjoying this forum as well.


I’ve been taking this work in for months now. So grateful to be doing so in a time where there is more and more material, videos, courses available ongoing. I’m working with the exposure plan. Where if I just keep taking it in and writing bits down and talking it up, I will integrate it. I’m just becoming active here as I wish to start playing with the information I’ve taken in and extrapolating from it. Here’s to the process of learning something fundamental and allowing it to perk through!


I think it will resonate with all the categories. We only have to remember that there is no separation within the Universe, and that Love is all there is. Eventually, you don’t even have to remember that - it’s with you all the time. Just keep going, and welcome to the RSF.


Girl Same!

I am there. right next to you. coffee and college ruled notebook on my third pen from writing everything down. I have 22 pages front and back looking at me right now. I only discovered this forum because I am finished with the first module and this virtual module thing was up with a tutorial. Thank you so much Elisabet Sahtouris! She makes me feel comfy with the content. I would die to have a book club meeting with that woman and absorb her life over coffee. What an amazing collection of brilliant minds here. It is great to make this connection with all of you!