Assistence Regarding Tweaking of 5G Frequencies To Create a Healthy Effect

Unconditional love to you all!
Me and my team of volunteers, students, and conscious citizens of the earth are working to submit to tech companies vibrational “tweaks” that can be made to the 5G technology so the frequencies that are emanated will be health enriching! We understand that this a very new take on 5G and we appreciate your open-mindedness to our request, and we would love to open up a conversation with you to more greatly understand which frequency ranges would satisfy the high-speed desires of tech companies, as well as be nourishing to the health and wellbeing of the planet!


Thankyou ,that is very,very welcome news.

I love this line of research. Bless you!

My best wishes to your project and your team, including you of course!

The 5G rabbit hole is deep. There is no easy fix to unsurmountable problems - it just needs to be stopped.
I’m not being pessimistic - the opposite - I see the rollout is already crunching behind schedule due to massive resistance globally.
I wrote a well-researched, comprehensive article on all the aspects and implications of 5G - IoT, it was published last month in Germany and is now translated to english, with almost 100 references.
If there’s a way to upload it here, I would :slight_smile:


If you’re interested, write me to, and I send you the article with all references d=(^.^)=b

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Hi Viodor,

I hope to see evidence that 5G can be tweaked but so far I’ve only seen the damage it can cause. I too, am not being negative but trying to make changes to live in harmony with nature as much as I can.

I recently gave up my microwave after I saw this.

I think these things have an accumulated affect. This is why we don’t notice the negative aspects.

:crossed_fingers:t2:Someone smarter than I can come up with devices to shield us and our homes.


Yes, microwaves are working with 2,45 GHz (and Wi-Fi, Buetooth as well!). I´ve also heard from Konstantin Meyl (who rediscovered the longitudinal waves (Scalar Waves), that a microwave is also not safe for the area surrounding it! Because it shields only the elecromagnetic waves (transversal) but not the scalar waves (longitudinal). This is also true for all mobile devices. The proof is very simple: make a phone call frome a faraday cage (every car, elevator, closed train, and microwave) and you get a connection! This would not be possible if the devices would work only on the basis of electromagnetic waves. So be also careful with so called “shielding” clothes and so on…they only shield from electromagnetic waves, not the scalar waves which according to Meyl make 60%-90% of the radiation on mobile devices! Share this with your friends and family: especially people who wearing blutooth headsets for hours are microwaving their brains, without even knowing it! It causes a slow progressing cell degeneration and can lead to very serious illness.

Hi TJXE,2020-07-14T22:00:00Z
Can you tell whether you have created tweaks for improving 5G towards health or
you intend to do it ?
In an other hand, 5G is a electromagnetic net for spying and enslave mankind. It’s a tool of Transhumanism. The only way is rejecting it.
Please visit and discover how birds, bees and trees are being killed.
If you are able to tweak towards health 5G frequencies, why not doing the same with X rays ?

Hi Viodor,
I am too fully concerned with electromagnetic pollution.
Do you know The magrav from Mehran Keshe ? It cancels EM pollution and improves the output of EM devices. 30% minimum less to your energy bill ! We are a few here in France and glad to have made the trial.

Anything that would take away the damaging effects of 5G would be wonderful

I am behind you on this! I believe Patrick Flanagan may already be onto something with this…his mind would be a great resource. In one of the Open Minds episode with Regina Meredith, I recall him mentioning a type of paint that could be applied to the towers mitigate the health risks of 5g and make it beneficial for health. I wish I could remember the season it aired on, because I know she did a couple of episodes with him. Regardless, I remember thinking what an incredible solution that would be. Can’t wait to see where your work takes you - the world needs it!

All the best,