Astronomical evidence that the universe is not expanding

My name is Herbert Grove Dorsey III, I received a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Physics, which included astrophysics, solid state physics and quantum physics, from University of California in 1982 and have been learning more ever since. In 1985, I became interested in the work of Thomas Bearden and John Bedini, which indicated that free energy was totally possible. I then became a free energy researcher and writer. One of my books, “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program” documents the classified science behind both free energy and anti-gravity. Presently, I am writhing another book on free energy, which include my own experiments in that field.

I very much respect and appreciate Nasshiem Harriman and his theoretical developments. He has shown the many mistaken assumptions in Physical models and has provided a more unifying model. However, I wish to bring up an important point which could end up causing his unifying model to be further modified and refined.

The present astrophysical model of our universe believes in the Hubble expansion of the universe. This theory was supposed to explain the observed red shift of distant galaxies. But, Hubble’s student, Halton Arp, discovered that different large red shifts, representing a good fraction of the speed of light, were occurring within the same galaxy!

This would mean that the observed galaxy would be coming apart if the red shift was due to recessional velocities. Over decades of observation, this was not seen to happen.
This observation by astronomer, Halton Arp and others provides a strong argument that the observed red shifts are caused by another mechanism than recessional velocities.

Even more interesting, Astronomer, William G.Tifft discovered that the observed red shifts within a galaxy were quantized! These red shifts are largest at the center of the galaxy where new stars are created and become smaller towards the outer portions of the galaxy. These changes in red shift values occur in sudden jumps rather than gradually!

Dr. Harold Aspden created a theory of aether that predicted these quantized red shifts before William Tifft’s amazing discovery. Aspden suggests that these red shifts are due to different densities of the aether in a galaxy and that these densities will be quantized as predicted in his theory.

To learn more about quantized red shift and Dr. Aspden’s theory of aether and their confirmations by other astronomers, check out the in depth article, “Astronomy Quantized Red Shift and Quantized Energy Shells”:

“I wish to bring up an important point which could end up causing his unifying model to be further modified and refined.” You said red shift is not constant in the universe and galaxies and as such the universe could be coming apart. Yet water flow in a river is not constant and at times it even forks. Even then, most of it reaches the ocean, and by means of the hydrologic cycle it all does in the end. Additionally, please recall that quantum phenomenon are BOTH particles and waves operating simultaneously.