Beaming in from NYC. Seeking to build-on connections with people who work in Renewable energy!

Hello! I’m Bileshia! It’s nice to meet you in such a beautifully invigorating space!

My intention in being here is to create opportunities to get my hands wet career-wise in all things energy systems, renewable energy, sustainability, engineering, you name it! I am also interested in becoming a scientist/physicist/engineer/electrician/mechanic and i’m here to meet people and explore avenues to who i can learn from to expand my container and to continue to give back to the world and to our universe! Paid training would be the greatest gift to me at this time and i would be willing to travel between NYC and Chicago and anyplace else in the USA to learn and train to build and serve with people like me.

My commitment to myself now, after spending the better part of 15 years being a musician, is to immerse myself in my other passions and my driving forces and to use the teachings of RSF along with a mechanical/instructional training to support the global shift in consciousness to one of love and evolution.

I look forward to getting to know you all soon!

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