Behind a black hole

Hello, i’ve got a question about what is behind a black hole? i don’t talk about what is in, but behind. Is there some observations about that?

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I’m not a physicist… I’m going on feelings - I think a white hole is behind it pushing everything out or away - like how a binary solar system works

I think we may live in a binary solar system, we just haven’t yet discovered the “other side”

…just a theory

Thank you for bringing up the topic, black and white holes are FASCINATING :smiley:

in light & love


Thank you for your share… Your theory is very interesting and seems it could be real… The cumulated object and swallowed by the black hole could be transformed in light (white hole behind) and rejected by it…do I understand right?

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Thank You, Baptiste :slight_smile:

u understand very clearly what I postulated …

also, I think there is a kind of dance or balance or communication that goes back and forth between them, like how anything “in balance” is also constantly in motion and recalibrating itself to maintain its own homeostasis

again- these are just my :bulb:ideas :vulcan_salute:t3:


Thanks you for this interesting idea… I’m French and my English is scholar so it’s difficult to développe my thought but be sure I’m agree with this idea :ok_hand:t5:

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u are coming across perfectly clear, no worries

So happy to discuss these out-of-this-world ideas with a like minded individual

Happy day

Je parle un petite pu (spelling?(
& je’n’compra pas !

Did I say that right ?!! :slight_smile:

Okay cool :grin:… Effectively it’s good to discuss this thing with people who understand our interest for these out of world and out of mainstream thoughts and reflexion.
For correction “je parle un petite pu” becomes “je parle un petit peu” and “je ‘n’ compra pa” becomes “je ne comprends pas”. You are not bad for a novice :wink:.
Have a good day too.

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:thinking: interesting

Can only speak in imagination as I’ve no experience in science.

I guess it would make a difference how far behind you were looking and if the black hole was actively affecting the gravity of things nearby, like a Star.

In the past I would have thought…
Far away enough, something like an aerial view of a hurricane.
Up close, maybe a sphere swirling.

Now I wonder, after watching Nassim’s work if a black hole would be like a double torus.


I could imagine zooming around this, observing from all angles. Totally unsure if this is reality thou :hugs:

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merci beaucoup, Baptiste :white_heart::blush::cyclone::dizzy:

That’s a really interesting thought, Sarah, thank you :))

Thanks Margie :hugs:

White holes are a fascinating topic.

For fun, there’s an old comedy sci-fi called “Red Dwarf” and they did an episode about white holes.

There’s a wonderful lady I follow called Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, she has a book called Punk Science. Her focus is on “The black Hole Principle” if interested check out an interview she did with Regina Meredith of Gaia TV

I can’t speak for the science but for me she’s like Nassim. Humble and resonates truth :slight_smile:

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This is great Sarah, thank u​:blush::blush::blush::blush:

I resonate humble truth as well, sarah
thank u for contributing to this awesome network :vulcan_salute:t3::rainbow::white_heart::comet::cyclone::dizzy:

That was a typo—- YOU, sarah, resonate humble truth - I LOVED what u said about how truth is simple and kinda pings your heart chakra/energy intake area :))

margie :white_heart:

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