Beyond plank? Concept of infinite

Hello. I was thinking about a concept of infinite for example Mandelbort Set is infinite.
So is the plank is the smallest scale if there is such as thing as smallest or biggest.
There was the time when microscopic measures were a new discovery and moving forward there’s a nano scale now. So is there a limit of size of different particles? Or we are limited up to what scale we are able to measure?
Has anyone ever wondered if bacteria under the microscope is aware of it’s environment and up to what scale? :innocent:

Hi Remy,
Although we cannot measure it (yet), we can calculate that there is a sub-planck domain. Take a look at this image of Nassim’s Holographic Mass Scaling Law.

As for the bacteria being aware of its environment, I think every living thing has an awareness of a pain vs. pleasure concept at some level to keep them alive.

Earthling Doug

Shout out to Dr. Val Baker too!

To be honest with you, the scale doesn’t resonate with me. It’s because I don’t have relevant background to read what numbers and symbols are referring to.
Some illustrations would help I think.

Although it seems it’s not the bottom of the smallest if there’s such as thing.
I’m thinking about torus, it’s kinda doughnut shape so doesn’t has a beginning or the end. Or does it?
Also ‘monsters’ where a line is divided into 3 equal lines than the middle one removed and beneath two remaining lines do the same, divide into 3 equal lines than remove the middle one and it keeps going and going.
My apologies for abstract explanations of how I’ve interpreted scientific discoveries. I don’t have background in those fields but hopefully someone wise enough can understand what I’m trying to say and help me to get into scientific world with its terminology.

Hi Remy,

Here’s a more philosophical description of the universe.
When I try to explain infinity to my kids I tell them it is a way of trying to describe oneness from every
different possible perspective in the universe. It is describing the same thing (one) from every different angle, and it is all the truth.