Bob Lazar - anti-gravity alien devices


I just watched the Netflix documentary “Bob Lazar: area 51 and Flying saucers”.

He describes working on what he calls “anti-matter” engines from alien spacecrafts. In the context is “anti-matter” synonymous to anti-gravity? What do you guys at RSF think of the info Bob Lazar shared ?

Considering the ton of trouble he gets with authorities when he opens his mouth about these things, even after 30 years, I can’t help but thinking that let’s say if you guys at the RSF were to develop a finished product, you’d be “silenced”.

I mean the whole documentary suggests that the understanding and technology has been in authorities’ hands for decades. Which I had no doubts to begin with anyhow. But that’s obviously not science they want the public to benefit from.

On this note, is it too far fetch to hypothesize that maybe Nassim’s difficulties to get his work out there was and is not just due to academic resistance of egotistical ‘competitors’ but is getting some degree of purposeful sabotage as it’s getting closer to some truths ?

Just thinking …

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this. hi There :slight_smile: it’s nice to have You on board here.
I think knowledge has got the power and knowledge opens new door in us for everyone to practice and maybe find new , hidden skills one was never thought about before? And if one discover that skill, than maybe will share with others. Connected together we have more chances that none of dark forces are able to block new inventions or ideas. Look what they have tried to do is to distance us and keep apart but actually You may see the opposite direction toward Unity, via Unifyed Sciences. Dark forces can’t resist the pressure all the time.

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Coincidentally I watched another documentary the next day “Unacknowledged”…

That one goes even further, exposing the level of cover up in UFO existence, precisely because “they” (aka militaro industrial complex) does not want these technologies to get out as they would clearly change the world and for the better since energy would be virtually free. Not good for business.

Series of insiders witnesses go on and on describing how we (well, they) already have, and for decades now, all the tech that Nassim is talking about. And it’s kept so covered up that even Presidents are not allowed access to the information, and are being lied to when they ask questions.

Now how come “they” are letting this type of documentary go out in the public then? I wonder. But that was certainly enlightening.

What’s your take on this?


I hear you, absolutely. Though I have to be honest, even if I see the positive implications of getting tighter together, at the moment I feel like the ‘dark forces’ as you call them are closing down on us. Trying to do “the work” inside so that outside reality projects in a different way, trying to engage with networks of people doing the same but at the moment the more I ‘see’ the harder I find it is to stay optimistic.

Maybe i’m just having a bad day but when I saw in this other documentary (Unacknowledged), how this dude (forgot his name) who had patented engines running on water was silenced, and I mean they confiscate your stuff… i’m wondering what chances do we have?

It means that Nassim would need such high profile ‘protectors’ to be able to get his breakthrough tech out there. Better bet on alien protection at that stage…

But anyway let’s try to stay positive. Gonna get myself some chocolate… for magnesium purposes or course :wink:

Glad to be on this big boat with all of you Guys.

Hi Julie,

I’ve seen the Bob Lazar doco (awhile ago). After it, I watched his interview on Joe Rogan. There’s obviously something more going on then us plebs are told :wink:
Have you seen or heard about the TicTac craft? David Fravor from the USA Nimitz and fellow crew personnel, witness “something” that defies current technology or gravity.
Both Bob and David, in their own way seem believable especially as they haven’t capitalised on it.

It is interesting how many things now are being released about UFO’s by “official” sources. I question it tho, because on one hand… is it the megalithic builders returning? or is it a project blue beam situation? (faking us out for greater corporate control) Either way, I guess we’d have to see how :alien: acted to know for sure :slight_smile:

As with most things in life I think there is good people doing things for the advancement of all and some that want to control and rule. Absolutely there is technology out there that is hidden from us. I say this with zero proof :grinning:
At times I get disheartened about the way the establishment works. It’s frustrating, what can one person do about it? But ultimately as ex-east pointed out it’s important to stay positive.
We have a rich history as human beings in all cultures of rising up against tyranny. Kings only rule when “we” allow them.
I try to remember, that I’m awake to it now, that’s freeing. Freedom feels great. Many others are beginning to question things now. I’m hopeful that in the end Good wins.

Warm Regards,

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