Can the Universe be described as a self-conscious Quantum Enttity?

Hello everybody!

I am Xenon and I am preparing to publish a paper here making a suggestion how the entire Universe including life, consciousness and emotions can be generated out of two entangled Q-Bits in a Minimal Continuum (MC) of Planck radius…

I am not a physicist, but I have studied philosophy.
If I am wrong, I would be grateful if someone could show me why…

Anyone curious?


Hi Xenon-
I am not a physicist either, rather a smart curious seeker of the workings of our Univese, seen and unseen, spiritual and physical …
I am curious about your working theory

Be safe, healthy and happy
in light

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Hello Xenon,
That is a very interesting idea, not sure how you can show this exactly but I would say if your reduced system follows space-time description without contradiction you would have a VERY good start.
I’m interested in the idea though if you care to explain or perhaps link me to you paper.

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Hi Xenon,

Thank you for your post. I have thought for years that we live in a ‘binary’ Universe, and your idea seems to be a reductionist explanation of this complexity. The Yin Yang, feminine/masculine, physical/metaphysical, are all examples of this. One interesting idea is that the Resonator at Torustech is a self-conscious quantum entity.


but descriptions could be entirely false.

to put it in philosophical terms:

The Judge would just say “incompetent” to the statement above and close the case. Here is How: What One Is, Is Not What One Calls OneSelf.

take care :sunglasses:

Polarities, Complementaries, Dualities of The Universe - Notebooks of Paul Brunton