Clarification about Light as Energy or Particle

A photon does not exist as a thing. The photon is energy that propagates through space in the form of an electromagnetic wave.

Is the statement above correct?

When is a photon defined as a particle?

Is it ever really a particle?

Is it only when there is awareness of the electromagnetic wave as light that is defined as a particle?

Does the electric field or the magnetic field change when it’s defined as a particle?


Hi I am new here, sort of, and not a scientist. But I have a lay question for you.
Have you ever heard that light holds all information?
Could that apply to the electromagnetic wave?
What is information actually? We know it when it passes through the brain, but it has to come from somewhere.
For my mind this is fun and crazy making.
Not understanding in a certain way, I wonder about how this fits with what you are asking?


Mteomaya Yes I think your question absolutely fits with my questions.

Information is energy,and as we know particles are energy E=MC^2.
Therefore Plank Surface Units (PSU) would have to be energy. PSU’s hold all the information of reality and connect with each other, forming geometric fractal patterns that create a hologram of information storage.

I believe everything is energy and that particles are created by feedback loops with consciousness. I also believe electromagnetic waves are sensed through the flow of feedback loops with consciousness. If we watch our arm moving, the One Consciousness is then interpreting the electromagnetic vortexes of energy in the Plank Field as an arm attached to a body.

So then if I’m on the right track, both particles and information are manifested into awareness by the flow of the feedback loops with consciousness.


I took this picture of a Photon of Light traveling by stretching itself.

I film Light and can get right up into the Orb that Light often makes, although it makes
many other shapes other than orbs. It’s like it were a shape shifter.


Hi Bob.
The most amazing clarity happened as I read your response. I took special care to really read it, even though I did not consciously understand some of the science behind the ideas. But I did understand from the resonance. Here is what I have been investigating for a very long time.
Photon = light
Light has all information
The more light in our awareness the more open we are to information.

I have been receiving this information through light resonance…if I can say it that way…as I’m not sure, but that is the way it feels. I receive the information and understand it in a different way through this physical system.

So as I am working with what you wrote I suddenly had a deep holographic understanding without the math, which makes it tricky to write about.
It was understood that the answer was this,“The Truth of this Field is within us”
“The waves are “inside” us and “outside” us because our form is space”
My experience is that my body feels these Photon Waves or as a wave, and my understanding is the Particle.
And this might be very old school, but I finally understood something clearly and say it this way, “The field does not change whether it is particle or wave, but the “perception” of the field changes.”

OK, I’m just throwing this out there. I am quite excited as for some reason this is a piece of the spiritual puzzle I’ve been looking for in a down to earth, fact based way.
I am looking forward to your response. Waiting right now to listen to Nassim Live.

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OH, I meant to say how awesome those pictures are…I have no idea how you can do that?!

I once was thinking that somehow I was talking to Walter Russell although he has made his transition. I ask him, “Is Light a Particle or a wave” and the answer was, “Light is not illumination, Light is information” So don’t know exactly what that means except we need to perhaps look at Light as not what we see so much as the information it gives us somehow.

I film Light and have for years now until I have more images than I can hardly handle. Here are some pictures of the movement of Light as it comes from the Light Source plus other strange looking ways it looks.

Three years ago while reading a book something happened to me. I became ONE with everything. My body the chair the trees outside my window were ONE. Everything became ONE. I felt bliss like I’ve never felt before, but it was not me feeling bliss. Bliss was all there was.

I had forgiven someone earlier that day and laughed so hard at that because there was no separation between he and I. It was as if I forgave myself.

Death and birth became meaningless, Right and wrong disappeared. All judgment disappeared.

It’s not something I can accurately describe, but when you said you felt “a deep holographic understanding” I felt that you too may have experienced your own awakening.

Ever since the experience 3 years ago I’ve read countless spiritual books, and now I’m finding the same connection through physics. It’s not as if I have a need to know, everything is perfect just the way it is, but I’m fascinated by what I’m learning here with Nassim, and I feel the experience I had, has given me an insight to what the holographic universe is.

I took physics and calculus in college, so I have some understanding of this theoretical physics , but what I’m learning here is far more intuitive. I too feel it on an intuitive level, what Nassim is describing without a need to prove it with math.


I film Light and have for years now until I have more images than I can hardly handle. Here are some pictures of the movement of Light as it comes from the Light Source plus other strange looking ways it looks.

I have read Walter Russell’s ‘Secret of Light’ He was an amazing scientist. I’ve copied many of his quotes into my daily journal. My interpretation of light and energy as information is something akin to data on a hard drive. I get that it’s electromagnetic wave is part of a feed back loop that Nasiim talks about.
You have a very unique hobby and your pictures are interesting. I’m glad you have found a way to express what you feel.

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Bob, I very much appreciate your report of how it was for you in the awakening. I feel honored that you would share it. You were very clear in how it was for you and you’re right, it isn’t easy to capture the true essence of the experience beyond experiencing as we know it.
Many times in the past, these waves of union have moved through my awareness. I believe there are ever deepening levels if we are aware. For it isn’t about “receiving”, because of Nassim’s explanation, which triggered yet more conscious understanding… the Field is us, in us, so we are opening not “receiving” to what we already are. Not receiving from some outside Source that some call God or Angels or any of the spiritually inclined. But it is here right now within us, unfortunately we are so busy looking for “IT” outside ourselves we miss this.
Sometimes there are “side-effects” to this opening awareness.And this has been true for me in a surprising way. I receive Light Transmissions and I understand what is downloaded. “Light is All information.” = all the talk about photons, protons and tiny planks being the Universe…oh yes and feed back loops and how fast “thought” travels. A culture in some far off star system can think to us in this way.
In these transmission, I am “taught” by metaphor about the quantum, much as I can understand in this way.
We human’s can not be separate from ALL information.
I do feel like I am opening to something wonderful here as I listen. His words support what I’ve just said above, which is a relief at some level. We are part of a Vast Movement beyond comprehension. Only the arrogance or ignorance of the evolving brain can believe we are separate from this.
Oh, I could go on in my excitement in connection with people who I can talk to and learn from, while also sharing my experience.
Thank you!


Hi Bob,

Nice question. If a photon is energy and has an observable effect (light) then it is a thing, it is light energy. The way I understand it, a photon (light) is a subatomic particle which moves through the medium of space, or better phrased it moves through the fabric of spacetime. Since the fabric of spacetime it travels through often contains waves, the photon follows that pattern. It’s like a boat that’s going through the ocean, the boat is like the particle and the ocean is like the fabric of space, and the boat would move up and down along the waves as it travels through the ocean. The double-slit experiment had shown that a photon behaves as both a particle (with 1 slit) and as a wave (with 2 slits), which seems highly unlikely to be correct to be both. Recently it has been explained that the wave pattern formed when the experiment had 2 slits was caused from the interference waves generated as the photon moved through spacetime. As the photon travels towards the 2 slits, its motion through space generates ripples in the fabric of spacetime around it, and as those ripples go through the 2 slits an interference pattern is formed on the other end of the two slits which made it seem as though the light was a wave, when in actuality it is a subatomic particle which motion was was being effected by the interference waves (that’s why with a single slit the wave pattern is not generated). . . So, to answer your question, a photon (light) is always defined as a subatomic particle, in my view.

With love and light :star2:

Hi Bob,

One more thing I forgot to mention in my previous post. . Nassim has also described the fabric of spacetime to behave as a fluid, so with the fluid dynamics of the space you can understand what I said before regarding how the photon would make ripples in the space as it travels towards the double slits. . If you have a hard time visualizing this, you can search on youtube for the experiments that were conducted to demonstrate how beads on a surface of a silicone fluid produce ripples as they travel along the silicone. . . I copied below a youtube video that explains pilot wave theory (pilot wave theory is the theory that explains what I wrote in my previous post) and illustrates the particle/wave double slit experiment, and how particles could be misidentified as waves. . . I hope this all helps you understand how photons (light) are always defined as subatomic particles and are not waves in essence, according to this theory. .

La particule est un agglomérat d ondes énergétiques…c est la “conséquence” d un phénomène, pas la cause.

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Thought I would also share an alternative view from Nikola Tesla, his views of light were vastly different :). He viewed light and all EM waves as sound waves.

"I consider this extremely important,” said Mr. Tesla. “Light cannot be anything else but a longitudinal disturbance in the ether, involving alternate compressions and rarefactions. In other words, light can be nothing else than a sound wave in the ether.”

Nikola Tesla- Light can be nothing else but a sound wave

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HI Bob :slight_smile:

-> There is my experience:

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