Conscious Living Communities that use technologies and perhaps manufacture technologies based in unified science?

So my dream community would be one where people utilize and perhaps support themselves through bringing forth technologies based in unified science to other communities. Does anyone have knowledge of these types of communities being formed? I would especially be interested in these in the US.

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I think the big question is, is how would a community retain it’s zero point technology device peacefully ?

In the US and most “first world” countries, there are military and intelligence agencies which operate outside of the framework of the constitution and are free from the law itself. In the past, these agencies tended to confiscate such devices.

I’ve thought a lot about this topic and I think that maybe zero point technology could most easily be deployed in 2nd and 3rd world countries or impoverished communities which are mostly off-grid.

I do recognize what you are saying Renee. My Aries Moon stands on being the change we wish to see and if a well formed community, better yet a network of communities are formed on this premise it will happen. There is security in numbers, this community is building beautifully and I would so love to see and participate in such a movement. Also I don’t like to feed the fear that could prevent something of this nature to take hold. It’s time to move from a greed based economy to a cooperative loved based in service for the greater good economy. What we put our attention on grows.
You have a good thought about getting zero point based technology to the off the grid places. But people all over deserve to have this available to them.

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“It’s time to move from a greed based economy to a cooperative loved based in service for the greater good economy.” WOW great words

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you might be interested in this book

Yes this is a great movement towards the very type of community that comes together for the greater good of the whole. It inspired me and I posted a video from UBUNTU onto my neighborhood facebook page. Also since then was inspired to call out to the neighborhood folks to fulfill any service needs I have as well encouraging others on the page to do the same. It has had a positive response from the neighborhood and more and more people are reaching out to other neighbors. As well, made an attempt to get neighbors to help neighbors, in situations where people needed an extra hand with things. Seemed we had volunteers to help but the ones who needed help did not speak up. I was hoping to bring a group together that would be willing to volunteer 3 hours a week to help others in the neighborhood. Just some thoughts on making a shift in consciousness.

Honestly, just real pure capitalism (as opposed to oligarchy), an actual free market would get us there.
It would be progressive if corporations would be held responsible for their actions.

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Im trying to launch a solution for bedgeting which is aimed at people who are easily triggered into impulse buying i believe its a step in the direction leading to a balanced economic system.