Consciousness and unified physics

A good ebook about how the introduction of unified physics will be associated with a new form of enlightened consciousness. They are interdependent.


This is a book describing the transition of human consciousness and civilization as we approach the ‘bottle neck’ of exponential growth of an industrial civilization upon a finite planet with all its associated stress points like peak oil, technological tyranny, climate change, alien agendas and new world orders.

The main point is the primacy of consciousness which is common to every human and how this is a variable which is normally distributed within the population and how the whole curve can rise or fall as a collective. From normal waking consciousness it can increase towards enlightenment and also be suppressed and controlled towards deep sleep and how there is a similar increase from sleep to normal as the change from normal to enlightenment. It can literally be like waking from sleep when a person shifts from normal consciousness into an awakened state and how with a logical transition of civilization this enlightened state could become the normal state of consciousness shared by humanity.

Within consciousness there is duality and the freedom to cocreate with love or fear, punishment or healing, judgement or understanding, freedom or control, free will or determinism, God or atheism. Beyond that there are uncommon anecdotal experiences which are alien or involve uncommon changes in consciousness which are not practical to be shared by everyone however by sticking to basic scientific first principles they should be able to be appreciated without having to go through the trauma these experiences often entail.

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Brilliant post IMO. Haven’t read it yet but the following comes to mind.

That is a description of the healthy range of consciousness is it not?

I suggest that consciousness becomes problematic when trauma causes dissociation and the true self creates a fictional self as a stand in to evade further trauma. Essentially a “tulpa” or mask or false self, an internal Frankenstein, if you will, is driven to sustain a false narrative about the self in the face of a divergent reality. The tulpa is a created by self loathing, loathes itself as a fiction, and loathes its creator as weak and unworthy. It is as incapable of empathy as it is of self-love, and so sees other people/creatures as tools, props in on the stage of its private passion play, and so deceives, manipulates and harms compulsively and without compunction. This is the psychology of “Dark Triad” personalities, narcissists, psychopaths, and Machiavellians, and describes the very heart of evil, if I’m not mistaken. Trauma makes too many perfectly innocent children into such creatures.

Such creatures - humans who’ve lost our natural human sense of connection - dominate competition in institutional life because they are free of the shackles of conscience and driven by the ceaseless fires of self-loathing.

Corporations are born that way and thrive by hiring the same sort who willingly participate in making more of themselves by traumatizing others - it’s a sort of social prion disease. Our society has become a tool for the comfort of corporations and other such institutions (military-industrial complex etc.).

Such creatures have a death wish IMO. That is a pressing problem for the rest of us at this moment in history, and so I trouble you to make the distinction between healthy and poisoned consciousness.

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Hi, yeah I guess the main point is human consciousness is a variable and is normally distributed as a collective around the planet. The probability of reaching enlightenment at present is very low however if half the population was enlightened it would be far easier, hundreds of times easier…

So the trick is to understand enlightenment and create a reality where the probability of enlightenment is far greater.

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Trauma may be the single most common obstacle to enlightenment on Earth.

Too many traumatized people go on to traumatize more. It’s like a psychological prion disease.

Kindness is the prescription, but we need a lot of medicine.

Very informative and useful information @Vortical @Jimrubin Thanks for sharing.

Do you have any solution to integrate trauma EG; a meditation or exercise you know has been successful?

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EEG Neurofeedback is highly effective as PTSD therapy.

I came across it while searching for a therapy for refractory seizures. It helps those too.

The treatments consist of a thirty minute session during which a couple EEG electrodes are placed on the head. Unlike ordinary EEG, these electrodes not only hear brainwaves, but can “speak” them to the brain. The EEG Neurotherapy computer program works like noise cancellation tech to detect problematic brainwaves and create a complementary pattern that when fed back into the brain not only dampens those brainwaves, but somehow teaches the brain to teach itself how not to make them by making them “visible” to the brain.

It’s quick, painless, and produces an immediate and perceptible benefit.

My treatments are always followed by a period of high lucidity and feelings of being “in tune” and “in flow”. I joke that that feeling is what drug users are looking for. I would recommend it even for “healthy” people, because everyone is traumatized at some point.

Meditation is good for everyone. It’s a known tonic for trauma.

I highly recommend the Monroe Institute. Robert Monroe is the guy who taught us all about Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). The fear of death underlies most trauma. His exercises allow direct experience of the fact that the soul goes on after death, - very empowering. I found this particular binaural beat meditation very helpful.

Above I was speaking of Dark Triad personalities that are born in trauma - narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. They are a critical problem because they out-compete healthy empathic humans and dominate institutions like business, government, medicine, religion, and military that in turn dominate life in our society. There they make heartless decisions that traumatize more. Sam Vaknin suggests that’s because “they want company - more who suffer like themselves”.

Apparently narcissism is proof against all therapy, there is no cure. at least according to self-described narcissist H.G. Tudor, and narcissistic psychologist Sam Vaknin - both on YouTube. The false self protects itself too well. We can make progress against them only “one funeral at a time”. It amounts to a social-psychological prion disease.

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