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The Unified Spacememory Network from cosmogensis to consciousness

Haramein, N., Brown W. & Val Baker, A. K. F. (2016). The Unified Spacememory Network: from Cosmogenesis to Consciousness, Journal of NeuroQuantology

The recent developments of advanced models of unified physics have brought a deeper understanding of the fundamental nature of space, time, energy and matter. It is becoming apparent that information and geometry are primary to explaining these fundamental agents. In previous work, we demonstrated that the subatomic nucleon structure of the proton and recently the electron can be derived directly from a spacetime holographic structure of Planck-scale quantum vacuum oscillators fluctuating as spacetime pixels, demonstrating that spacetime at the very fine level of the Planck-scale is discrete with information quanta. We have found that when considering the granular spacetime information-energy structure from which we demonstrate matter and mass arises, the phenomena of self-organizing systems that leads to self-awareness and consciousness is integral to— and a natural emergent property of the feedback-dynamics of spacetime information itself. In this work, we describe how the integral function of the information feedback dynamics of spacetime, which engender mass-energy, is the missing element in understanding the evolution and development of self-organizing physical systems in general, and the emergence of the biological organism in particular. We evaluate non-classical quantum mechanical phenomena of physical and biological systems in light of the Maldacena-Susskind holographic correspondence theorem from which an equivalence of wormhole spacetime geometry and quantum entanglement is derived. We suggest that the Planck-scale micro-wormhole entanglement structure of multiple spacetime coordinates engender the macromolecular assemblies of living cells, and that this wormhole entanglement may function in the memory and learning capacity of the biological entity. Furthermore, the recursive information encoding feedback processes of the quantum spacetime micro-wormhole network, which we refer to as spacememory, enables memory and learning in physical systems across all scales, resulting in universal evolutionary tendencies towards higher levels of ordering and complexity – foundational to evolution, sentience, and awareness. *

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*For complete paper and other related papers: Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics

Here are some consciousness terms from the Gene Keys Glossary book by Richard Rudd as we explore what it means to be conscious and the purpose.
Synarchy — The universal principle through which collective intelligence naturally aligns itself in perfect harmony with all that is. Synarchy is the underlying nature of humanity that can only be known once it has emerged from the Shadow frequencies. As the new collective conscious- ness dawns all across our planet, humanity will self-organise its creative genius and manifest the true higher purpose hidden in its DNA — to bring about the New Eden. Whereas the Shadow consciousness manifests on the material plane through the principle of hierarchy, and the Gift consciousness through the principle of heterarchy, the siddhic consciousness manifests though the principle of synarchy.

Synthesis — The universal principle through which collective intelligence sees and understands the holographic nature of reality. As humanity begins increasingly to understand the world around us as a perfectly interwoven fractal pattern, with us as the eyes of that pattern, we will enter into the Age of Synthesis. In order to know what Synthesis means, you must first unlock the latent genius within your DNA. The very manifestation of that genius is to see beyond any single discipline. At the level of genius, one can see and directly know the interconnectedness of all patterns and disciplines. As humanity begins to move more as a synarchy, we will begin to externalise the truth of synthesis.

Syntropy — The universal principle through which collective intelligence transforms itself physically in order to become a synarchy. The law of syntropy holds that all energy in the universe is intricately ordered, even at its most chaotic. The essence of the law of syntropy is contained in the phrase: give and you shall receive. In a syntropic world everything is entangled with everything else and everything is responsible for everything else. In human terms, the collective embodiment of syntropy would mean the end of selfishness. When you give for the sake of the whole, you activate the currents of Grace and move into synchronicity with the whole. As human genius awakens, we will organise our living systems to mirror nature and the law of syntropy. A world based upon this law would look utterly alien to us today. It will give us the means to harness free energy anywhere and anytime, and it will demand that we eventually eradicate money from our world. It is money that is the great collective symbol of conditional giving.

Synchronicity — The universal principle of good fortune that is activated whenever you think, act and speak from a higher frequency — that is from a place of unconditional giving. Synchronicity is a universal law at all levels of frequency. When you understand the perfection of the cosmos in every moment, then you can only surrender and trust life. Synchronicity is summed up by the phrase: ‘nothing is by chance’. Every event that occurs in your life is an invitation to evolve and unlock the hidden higher gifts inside you. As your higher functioning allows you to see the truth of synarchy, synthesis and syntropy, you will see that the three laws are one, and they are bound together by synchronicity.