"Constants are oscillations." How does this work?

At 1:03:43 in Session 4: The Mirror of Consciousness, Robert makes the following comment:

The speed of light is an oscillation which is always moving. It’s lust like Phi. Phi is not stuck and people get so stuck and say “oh, it’s more sciency if you take a number to nine or ten decimal points.” And, no, it’s not more sciency, it’s just happens to be you caught the oscillation right at that moment. It’s an oscillation that is rotating as a vortex just like everything else does, because nothing is without motion.

I don’t yet understand how a number can be an oscillation. How does this work?

I’d love to really get how C, Phi, Pi, are rotating oscillations!


As I understand it, constants are a service or provide the energy and an oscillation or number is the request or result of that energy moving. This falls inline with the way mathematics or computers operate. Whatever is on the left hand side of the equation is constant or circular and whatever is on the right hand side is an aggregate or linear.



Input > Process > Output


Hmm. My understanding is constants are dimensionless, representing primes, ratios and fractal relationships,

Aa such I understand constants as an information address, a singular zero point – inner connected to all else. As if the cosmos is saying “fold & staple here.”

Mine is π×√2 I’m quite singular except when I am conjoined in love. :heart_decoration: :pi: :times: :square_root: :two: