Contemplating Economic Models Within a Connected Universe

Hello everyone. I have been a passive learner and viewer up until this point as I took the time to truly explore the theories and mathematics that have been presented by Nassim Haramein & the rest of the Resonance Science Foundation. I have always been a critical thinker that has followed the science in terms of my own view of reality.

The deeper I go into the connected universe theory, the more the fundamentals of such a theory truly speak to me and make sense. Long story short, I am convinced that Nassim’s Connected Universe view is the closest and most accurate theory modern humanity has had for an explanation on this profound world we all share.

I have begun more or less brainstorming how the systems in today’s society would change based on such a theory. An economic system founded within a connected worldview, I feel, is a very intriguing subject as the philosophy of economics would change to a form not yet visualized by humanity.

Consider this: a future society has followed the implications of Nassim’s findings and has discovered a way to utilize the limitless energy potential of the quantum field and has figured out how to control gravity based on the same principles. How would an economic system based upon abundance in energy resources and the control of the gravitational force by designed? How would it function? What form, if any, would a financial system and other key parts of an economic model look?

I have pondered this quite extensively and would love to hear the thoughts of the community here!

Hello Ztlorance welcome to the discussion thank you for your post It made me think of the movie Thrive and Thrive 2 from The Gambles that are tied into this group here if not seen them recommend to you. The common denominator word for all these efforts I like to use is lovevolution. Stop by topic lovevolution is the solution and see what might interest you there OMLOVE & BLESSINGS Jeffree

Ztlorance also might look at this topic as well might lead to some thoughts Earth Solutions/UBUNTU/One Small Town
Jeffree lovevolution is the solution

More connections Dear Rev Jeffree,

One of the most powerful forces we can leverage to manifest our vision of a totally conscious humanity and flourishing for all within the next twenty years is the world of business.

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All of these problems are the result of commerce operating exclusively for profit, and with a lack of acceptance of, or complete disregard for, our interconnectedness.

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