Coronavirus vaccine potential bioweapon

I realise this may be a little off topic however it is important and is associated with unified physics and science.

Good video on doctors around the world warn not to rush into an experimental vaccine.

The vaccine may be the true bio-weapon. Adequate testing is needed before forcing it upon children.

Just a short note to suggest that the coronavirus vaccine may be the true bio-weapon and the coronavirus a simple decoy. The chinese have been trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine since 2001 and have repeatedly noted that vaccines often make the disease process worse. They largely confined the outbreak locally in Wuhan whilst allowing it to spread widely throughout the world.

It should be noted that there is NO vaccine against HIV more than 30yrs after discovery as the virus complicates the immune system just like the coronavirus does that has been modified as a bioweapon. A bioweapon would naturally be developed to make immunization difficult or dangerous. Below the links is just text that I posted in a forum related to this issue, although it does contain a paragraph on the recent interview with Bill Gates and the significance of the upside down cross worn be Melinda that may be of interest.

‘But a vaccine designed to produce cellular immunity against HIV faces a challenge, as central memory T-cells are the most important reservoir of HIV-infected cells in the body. A vaccine that stimulated the production of central memory T-cells might actually increase susceptibility to infection (as appears to have happened in one trial).’

Coronavirus attacks Tcells just like HIV

China to give first sars immunisation (2003)

Caution raised over sars vaccine (2005)

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of war

“Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

― Sun tzu, The Art of War

Coronavirus vaccine or potential depopulation bioweapon

This post contains an important concept not really understood or appreciated by humanity at present so please take the time if available to understand the contents. (IMHO) :slight_smile:

I was recently faced with a situation of how to deal with children and the up-coming coronavirus vaccine when one parent is provaccine and the other is anti. For the older one I simply suggested it should be a personal decision after studying the relevant details however I am wondering what others think the best approach would be for the younger child?

Here are some of the details I provided to the older child and if anyone has any other relevant points I would love to hear them.

1/ Association with Bill Gates, vaccines, planned parenthood, eugenics, population control etc.

b/ previous bHCG depopulation experimental vaccine used. Originally developed in 1972 and used experimentally in third world countries without consent to control populations. Imagine the level of depopulation vaccine technology available 50yrs on.

2/ Potential mRNA vaccine. Currently none approved for human use (wikipedia)? with plans to vaccinate the entire planet on an emergency basis. Are we really in some AI simulation?

3/ Rushed experiental vaccine, 18months to delivery, usually 5yrs for normal vaccines.

4/ Huge market worth trillions to vaccinate a planet yearly. Corporations (nonsentient machines) have legal protection if any side effects so only concern is profit.

5/ Viral vaccine with issues of high mutagenicity - ?11 coronavirus strains already.

6/ Coronavirus is a bioweapon. Part of weapons development would make vaccine development and use difficult or dangerous. We must entertain the possibility that the global emergency experimental vaccine may infact be the real bioweapon whilst the virus is simply a decoy.

7/ HIV insertions in coronavirus as part of bioweapon. No HIV vaccine available despite being present for over 30 years. HIV complicates the immune system and vaccine development.

‘But a vaccine designed to produce cellular immunity against HIV faces a challenge, as central memory T-cells are the most important reservoir of HIV-infected cells in the body. A vaccine that stimulated the production of central memory T-cells might actually increase susceptibility to infection (as appears to have happened in one trial).’

Coronavirus attacks Tcells just like HIV

8/ Minimal (almost zero) risk of coronavirus to children extending to those in their 60’s. Uncertain risk from experimental vaccine. Perhaps 100’s of times more dangerous. Many cases in history like thalidomide of trusted medical intervention causing harm.

9/ Virus interference. Recent study showed that having a flu vaccine increased the risk of coronavirus.

10/ Plenty of movies from the unconscious about depopulation scenarios involving vaccines. 12 Monkeys. Children of men.

11/ Personal synchronicities that suggest this is a possible timeline. The whole antivax movement developed over decades may be an attempt to modify this timeline. The largest impacts on a timeline are often the hardest to modify or change.

12/ Issues of timeline modification. These things are so obviously part of an artificial scenario or simulation. The important question is why? Almost certainly there was a timeline which involved global war, depopulation and eventual extinction. The issue is one of natural laws involved in timeline modification. If there is no collective change in behaviour or consciousness it may be possible to modify certain outcomes but not others. For instance there may have been a WW1 type scenario involving a global war however phase shifted a century. This is replaced by a global pandemic also phase shifted by a century. This targets the sickest people in their 80’s rather than the best of humanity in their 20’s however a certain number of people are still forced into an early death by natural laws. There are probably things that can only be consciously changed by humanity in the present using free will, such as the number of deaths and freedom of information or average level of consciousness or vibratory frequency. This would involve the widespread appreciation and acceptance that we are collectively as a planet in a reorganisaiton of timeline scenario involving advanced alien technology.

However these things are also a system of communication and information transfer through time which can further help modify the timeline. For such a scenario involving thousands of years and advanced AI it is easy to accept that previous World Wars are simple mechanisms of information transfer through time. For instance there is the WW2 timeline, the nazis and their use of technology to control humans (IBM), nazi biological weapons development, rise of nationalism, death camps (muslims and Jews) and eventual use of nuclear weapons against Japan or (China) in 2045. These changes are almost certainly going to be associated with the return of Jesus and the apocalypse as previously documented.



Nobel Prize winner associated with disovery of HIV confirms the coronavirus is a bioweapon with HIV inserts.

Indian scientists confirm same

what they arent telling you

The Pseudoscience of Vaccines

Forced Vaccinations

Rushed experimental vaccine (around minute 37) “safer to sit this one out”

The Red Pill Reality Matrix Ebook

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Soooo, it is interesting to see this issue brought up on this forum; yes it is very concerning and even if there is ample evidence to be seriously concerned, it is important to also reach people who still think this is all simply conspiracy theory. There are very credible official information sources that do lay bare the lack of scientific scrutiny and evidence behind the current crisis. Thank you for sharing a lot of this background information here. In order to educate based on information, based on official public records etc. I started a Telegram channel yesterday and would like to invite anybody interested on the forum to check it out and see whether they might like to join. (It contrasts WHO, CDC, UK government official assessments with the approval document of the FDA for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine - with charts illustrating how 95% effective is defined and how it actually says in black and white that your odds of getting COVID-like symptoms in form of side-effects increase 20 fold for mild and moderate symptoms and 30+ fold for severe symptoms)

I intend to post relevant information to current affairs that includes mostly expert opinions, analyses or assessments on the subject of health, civil rights, democracy etc. that are not really given much attention in mainstream media. It is my intent to keep it fact-based and provide verifiable sources. I also plan to include motivational, philosophical pieces that could be encouraging food for thought.

This channel system is fairly widely used in Germany; unlike Facebook, there are no “likes” or friendship relationships, there is no censorship, no tracking of any personal information. You either join a channel if you like and appreciate its provided information or you leave a channel, if you do not care to see it…. My channel is called “Clear Thoughts” and can be accessed here:

Joining a channel will require you to download free software first – but it is entirely free and also entirely free of advertising. It is widely and successfully used by activists seeking to fight for a future in peace, with freedom, based on principles of love and truth in Germany - but also for any number of other subjects.
It does accept large attachments and videos for upload as well. So, in my opinion it really is a good vehicle for information sharing and also for storing relevant information.

For instance my first entries also include informational videos including a link to the Thrive II website.
Please have a look and see whether you might like to join my channel….
I would also encourage the writer Jim Rubin to think about creating a channel for himself, where this wealth of provided resources could be made available to a growing and much much more significant audience. I promise, I would join your new channel! :slight_smile:
For quite some time, I resisted joining myself because I did not want to be part of another social media system…… but I finally did it when I saw more and more of my favorite videos being banned from YouTube or when doctor’s entries were deleted from Facebook for supposedly violating community guidelines solely because they voice vaccine critical concerns or utter other critical thoughts that are not deemed “in-line”. I joined around October and found many channels that I now peruse and glean interesting information from.

Yesterday I thought it was time to start sharing content through my own channel, rather than trying to send individual e-mails with attachments to friends who I think might be receptive as I’ve done in the past. It is not that popular (yet) in the non-German speaking world, but I start seeing interesting French and English channels come online now, too…. I plan to be one of them…… when I share German or French sourced information, I intend to provide English summary statements. Feel free to share with anybody you think might be interested.

Some generic FAQ about these channels is found here. But clicking on my channel link above should get you there (after prompted software download is accepted and completed) – again it is free and not censored.

If your telegram application will be open (after software install) or if you click on a telegram link (like mine above) you will see the channels you join and can choose what to look at or not.

Best wishes for the transition into the new year, may you all have the strength and wisdom needed to face the certainly challenging times ahead. In the end, the truth will prevail. There are many encouraging signs that people are starting to think for themselves rather than blindly following the herd trend. Alignment with harmonic energetic frequencies is key,


Well, I trust my fellow human

If there is something I learnt from the people of this forum, is that we are all inter-connected as mind, spirit and matter. Humanity seen in parts and as groups won’t make sense, the whole will, when time comes looking in retrospect. We are all push/pull/rotating forces acting upon each other.

If you resist the idea of taking the vaccine, it is very likely not in your nature and you’re just another push/pull/rotating pulsating being and conscience.

However, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.


After watching Nassim talk about what went wrong with physics, I wrote this parallel story of how to create a pandemic. Start with a hidden agenda, or not so hidden now that The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 are out there to be found. Generate a conceptual model of a virus spreading that has no relationship with physical reality. Use the media you own and control to scare the shit out of everyone on the planet based on dramatic projections of mortality from conceptual model. Don’t allow for any feedback of current data into your conceptual model. Use “science” to isolate a strand of microRNA without first properly isolating or indentifying the particle it originated from and give it a name. Imply causation. Test for that piece of microRNA and generate all kinds of data and numbers and math that support your conceptual model. Pit everyone against each other by pretending there are visible, behavioural solutions to the global spread of viral organisms totally void of scientific proofs or validity and imply that if everyone conformed, the hypothetical situation you created initially with your computer model would be resolved.

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Choose your conflict wisely… Or offset it to a lower resolution, to your own avatars, choose to play street fighter with your brother, or why not RISK for world domination!

Very likely, soon near you, a board game for WORLD VACCINATION!
I just found this idea too annoyingly funny! :wink:

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Very complete collection of information. Well-done and essential, thank you.

There´s a video of a former Pfizer-Employee, who was fired last year. He is now a Pharma-Whistleblower:

(unfortunately I could not find videos in english for a broader public, all videos are in German)

He uses very clear words: “It is not a vaccine, it is a gene-therapy”. And he is calling the people in the care-professions to organize against the propaganda force crushed on them (they get manipulated to get the “vaccine” first, because they are working with so called risk groups).

My personal opinion is, that the whole vaccination is needed for the psychopaths behind the “Great Reset”-Agenda to RFID-Chip the entire world population. That chip is a resonator/receiver/antenna, so the whole organism can be manipulated through frequencies send to that chip. This way you can generate symptoms which will be assigned to the next type of a virus/desease (Covid 20,21,22,23…) those criminals will crush over the people and develop a new fake PCR-Test system for that. I can not proof that, but in my view there´s no other logical explanation why they want us to take the vaccine rather than in order to implant a RFID-Chip inside our bodies. The Chip is inside the “vaccine”-fluid. So it is a Holocoust program, without any question. But they will fail. Unfortunately a lot people will not survive until this failure, because the brutal mind control program that is running right now is affecting too much people, who will vaccinate themselfes, without any force.

But it is great news, that there are whistleblowers even inside the Vaccine-Mafia.

Some info on covid RNA vaccines and potential fertility issues…

The information leaflet issued by MHRA appears to be deficient regarding the following: -

  1. The mRNA vaccines are intended to induce an immune response to spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2, however; these spike proteins (transcribed for replication within cellular ribosomes) also contain a homologous form of syncytin-1. This natural protein (syncytin-1) is created from human endogenous retroviruses and is responsible for the placenta development in mammals and humans. This protein is required for a successful pregnancy, but after covid-19 vaccination, an individual’s immune cells will be trained to attack syncytin-1 (leading to potential miscarriages, birth defects and infertility). The study designs do not test for mutagenic or reproductive defects, yet the science of the mRNA vaccine shows potential to cause long term autoimmune destruction of the female reproductive system.
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Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic | by Richard Hobday | Medium

Climate change: Global warming could bring back the plague, diseases (

Voici une vidéo très récente qui fait le point sur la question :

C’est ce qu’on peut découvrir après un an et demi de recherches.

I love where your head is at! You have put much thought and time into this post and I am grateful for your sincere loving projection of intelligent thought shared here.
That being said, I would like to add a bit to your rabbit hole.
5G towers were popped up overnight after the population was quarantined. When we emerged from our holes, they were just there. No vote. No fundraising. No announcement. We crawled into our hole of government funded netflix and chill, and when we came back out of hibernation, there were these 5G towers looming over us. 5G is a millimeter wavelength outside of our light spectrum, but still within our dimension. So our bodies will still receive this outside stimulus.
Now combine the 5G and the Vax. Our newly coded mRNA proteins are hit with the 5G, not instantly, but constantly over a period of years. The human body is now rewritten and synced up to the super computer. Two generations later, would we still be considered human?

this is a great site with v@x and covid info :
i’d love to hear what y’all think!

your opinion, doesnt match your picture.