Cosmic Anatomy - How the Torus Turns - Towards a Map of the Cosmic Fractal

Let’s make a map.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting a clear picture of the UFT from Module 4.

Nassim makes it everywhere clear that the Universe is organized as nested fractal "black wholes’ torii - toruses, donut shaped scalar resonant wave forms in an etheric matrix of Planck Spherical Units (PSUs).

There are lots of illustrations, but no explanations attached. I can’t find a map of his model. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and a picture with “circles and arrows denoting the important features” is worth ten times that. I can’t find one in Module 4 so I’m trying to make one.

Please help. Minds working together multiply knowledge, like two eyes working together give us depth perception.

IMO the map must start with the anatomy of a black hole mapped onto the anatomy of the toroidal wave form. Then the fractal relationship between and within scales must be clarified. How does the cosmic wave form interact with the toroidal energy flows within and outside it’s event horizon?

If that sounds difficult and obscure, that’s just because you are paying attention. The way around that is to help develop pictures that explain, at a glance, the essentials of the Haramein Unified Field Theory.

We face an unparalleled crisis in human history. Haramein’s UFT offers a map to transition from our failed materialist paradigm into one of universal abundance. We must spread this knowledge to make that happen. We must succeed. The alternative is an anti-human future.


On my computer I have a folder where I keep the pictures that help to illustrate the sense I have of being and the nature of that.
It’s difficult, indeed. . . . why is a raven like a writing desk?

I think it is worth trying, though.
It may take repeated iteration with a selection of examples of something almost rational, to even begin to get an intuition of the transcendant reality being pointed to.

I looked for that animation of the shadow of a cube spinning and found this instead . . as an example of how difficult.
It seems the best one can do is mark the points on the paper and hope that people can join the dots (numbering helps)


p.s. Terry is in the Clacks :wink:

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