Cosmometry science of sacared geometry in Unified Physics and beyond

Cosmometry The Geometry of Unified Physics
As awareness of the fundamental patterns of universal creation has arisen over the centuries there have been applications of this knowledge in various expressions, most notably found in ancient art and architecture, as well as in various esoteric and religious traditions. The term that has become commonplace to refer to these expressions and the investigation into them is Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry has its place in the larger field of cosmometry with its focus on how this knowledge has appeared throughout the ages within many sacred contexts. In its contemporary form it continues to encompass the incorporation of aspects of cosmometry into expressions in visionary art, visualization and meditation practices (such as spinning one’s merkaba, or star tetrahedron energy field) and the use of structural forms such as pyramids to enhance consciousness and bioenergetic phenomena.

In considering this field of knowledge as a whole, and in relationship specifically to the scientists who are not prone to calling what they are discovering “sacred geometry”, it became evident that a new term was needed to label this field. Cosmometry is the natural choice as it encompasses the geometry of the cosmos in its entirety, from micro to macro, physical and metaphysical. And besides, there is no geometry that is not sacred in a universe where everything, and even nothing, is sacred!
Cosmometry the book by Marshall Leffters
Exploring the HoloFractal
Nature of the Cosmos

Throughout nature we can see patterns, structures, processes and systems that reflect an underlying order of energy dynamics that literally in-forms the observable universe across all scales. Cosmometry is the study of this underlying order, wherein cosmic geometry, unified physics and the harmonic system of music are seen as three lenses through which to view one phenomenon — universal dynamics of energy and matter manifesting in physical form and flow. With over 400 color images and illustrations, and synthesizing foundational theories of Buckminster Fuller, David Bohm, Nassim Haramein, Foster Gamble, Richard Merrick and others, Cosmometry presents a new look at age-old questions about the universe we live in and the origin of consciousness by which we are aware of it.

Cosmometry the metaphysics
Cosmometry — The visual science of the sacred geometries underlying creation. Through under- standing the foundation of Cosmometry your mental body (your mind) can surrender into the certainty of the perfection of all phenomena. Through accepting the laws of Cosmometry your astral body (your feelings) can over time become purified and loving. Through embodying the principles of Cosmometry your physical body can become radiant and relaxed as it comes into vibrational harmony with the entire cosmos. Richard Rudd

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Glad to have you here I have a topic in Module 2 Lovevolution is the solution with some of my favorite things Check out my friends song Listen to the music of the Spheres it the musical version of Cosmometry Nice to know you

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What Rumi said is SO TRUE:
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Beautiful Words love the Rumi
I honor the heart connection I have with all life. The love I feel is so much greater than any one type of love. I have an expansive heart connection with friends and family, animals and with nature. I share that connection as I act with kindness and consideration towards others. When I show compassion to those in need or give of myself in service to another person, an organization, or a cause I am sharing the love expressed through me from spirit expressing encouragement and positivity to uplift another. The most sacred heart connection is the one I have with my soul the allows me to connect and feel the oneness of the universe as an expression of the holeofractographic interconnectedness of everything. From here I am god, the god of love.

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Another good resource is Drunvalo’s 2-volume Flower of Life series. Written 20 years ago, they’re still amazingly relevant when it comes to sacred geometry and the creation of everything including levels of self-aware consciousness. Drunvalo’s explanations very much fit with Nassim’s and Jamie’s info on Egyptian pyramids and other ancient civilizations. For me, each enhances the other and makes it much more understandable. So I’m now making paper models of star tetrahedrons, octahedrons, and doing Drunvalos Merkaba meditation. What fun! (BTW, Drunvalo is now finishing up with the 3rd volume in the series, should be out later this year.)

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it sure is nice, but what i see is effect not cause.
just as w can see the fibonnacci sequence throughout nature. beautiful sure but still do not see any clues as to where they originate from.
just as the solfeggio sequence and 369. . i know some might say marko rodin shows. but he doesnt
as none of them are able to join even these together , let alone the other patterns found expressed in nature. the periodic table, prime numbers etc. on top of that the ancients tied stories to them. yes some seen to be connected to the zodiac and planets ,life and creation. or how things came into being… but it seems that nearly all of them. think that their piece of re-discovery is the main ingredient.
but there is no chain without any of its links missing. we may look through a telescope or microscope with ever growing magnification but the cause is not material, its blueprint cant be seen with senses that are only able to look at outer things. even if they go to see the smallest of things inside other things. true insight does not mean in side. but he who is able to can explain and show what can then be seen in the world. its really down to knowing why we cant see, what causes this spiritual blindness , the language , the heavenly one, pure, was that gave shape to the world. so the outer story is like a mask too that hides the t face of truth. it wasn’t made by man but man with this wisdom named /expressed it in relation to its material expression . this with the construct in mind. so a vessel as made in heaven isn’t named after its material expression. but the other way round… this is why we do not see the science in religion. mythology and alchemy. . the first language. was lost due to ego,s many masks , all with their person ‘’ from the latin word persona meaning masks’’ seeking to feed/keep themselves alive. that is what the fall really means. why adam was told to name the animals by their nature so he could rule over them in stead of his ‘’ animal nature ruling over them. to know thyself is the only real path as you are made off all that is. both in the physical and non physical. while many think they are able and do look inside they never passed that little I, o their material nature. even if they had what they consider a spiritual experience. as it was that little i that gave it shape and meaning to its own created believe.
we do not need new words aether is just fine, unless that little i wants to name it to fit its believe. we do not need to call it a blueprint but tree of life will do. in fact they are closest to the truth.

i understand, your mind was to busy to be open enough to read. just as we mostly divide our listening to someone with listening to our own mind that is already busy to reject or select that which does and doesn’t fit their own ideas. thinking that truth must satisfy your conditioning. no? isnt it sad to see that different groups fight over the same books? even the other books such as the veda,s the i ching, B-gita etc. all have the same source but its our animal nature that seeks differences instead of that which connects. , yes some at least start to recognize numbers, sacred numbers being the same in nearly all cultures and religions. luckily because we do not know they are a language very different of our limited view of numbers. the meaning of words have been stretched over time. fear desire anger greed lust and love have come to mean different things. as our conditioning grew. while numbers have been dragged along as a measure of material things in relation to the meaning we associated with the words , we dont see their true nature. , like letters that mean and represent something and give the meaning of the words they create. like Aleph meaning leader and beth house, so the leader of the house is the father ABBA. and we have one part from right to left and another from left to right
one is the father created the house and its laws, the other showing how the house ‘’ you the animal nature rules the i. 39 books in the old and 27 in the new testament a story told in the heaven from where he fell. the heaven and its animals reflected in him. 25920. but he fell and its value was 18 so 25920-18=25918.2 ‘’ every one goes through these 27. so 25918.2/66 books is 3927. or all that fell through him 25920/66= 3927.272727272727…
how? spiraling out like the seeds of a sun flower ‘‘18’’ amen its value is 99. so 25920/99=2,618.1818181818…
but do not start juggling with numbers, as the little i adds and multiplies as long as it takes to get its desired result. but there are rules in the heavenly math, that was and is the holy sacred secret. to prevent ego to enter the heavens. as not one iota out of place.
the story. letters numbers and path, perfect.

Hello Have you read this book after you read it what do you think?
enjoy Jeffree

reformulating , copy and interpretation its missing the depth of original. why was it even written?

Not sure thought you might know very comphrensive.

i thought it was about sacred geometry and cosmology? the blueprint of creation? not about someone who rewrites a story but looses the hidden truth within the original one.

the flower of life is really a wrong name. what it really is is thee tree,s in the middle of the garden.
while the pattern is correct its incomplete and if you take the time to read what i wrote and check it. then it should become clear . if one is open for truth that is.

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Thank you for your post you are sharing Like the names of God it matters not which one but to know your sound of god is helpful. Here the flower of life is only the name to the beautiful mathematic solution where when using the three D version as a way to count the number of PSU’s within the space of say a proton an amazing thing happens a real solution for the unified field in real physics a solution that will uplift humanity from the view of its all an accident to one of purpose of lovevolution. Watch this video and you will see the real importance of the flower of life to overturn this kind of thinking and world view one in my mind is depressing and adds to errors in conclusion that we are all an accident.

perhaps you have not yet followed the latest in research, i get floaded by requests if they can co publish a paper and request to join their research team, and if they can use my quote,s etc.string theory is certainly not the answer. but it has little pieces like so many branches have. but they can not see beyond the particle / matter side nor link it as a whole. and it starts with no-thing to all thing from 0 to 1 and from one to 2D —>3D why and how charge and electromagnetism comes into being. its all there.
they key is not found in any of the pieces, and they are starting to realize the grand unification can only come through this key.

lovevolution is the solution

Richard Rudd’s defines Cosmometry Cosmometry — The visual science of the sacred geometries underlying creation. Through under- standing the foundation of Cosmometry your mental body (your mind) can surrender into the certainty of the perfection of all phenomena. Through accepting the laws of Cosmometry your astral body (your feelings) can over time become purified and loving. Through embodying the principles of Cosmometry your physical body can become radiant and relaxed as it comes into vibrational harmony with the entire cosmos.

A un moment où à un autre, vous allez vous réveiller!
Lire est une chose, le réaliser et en prendre conscience par soi-même en est une autre et qui rend le sens de la vie bien différent.
Vous parlez tous de bergers, qui guident des moutons.
Soyez vous-même le mouton de votre propre berger!

At one point or another, you will wake up!
Reading is one thing, realizing it and becoming aware of it for yourself is another, which makes the meaning of life very different.
You all speak of shepherds, who guide sheep. Be yourself the sheep of your own shepherd!

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