Crop Circles (Human and other Sentient artist) geometry of math


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Do you know there’s actually a pyramid fractal version of this CC?



Hello thank you for sharing. I noticed two gongs hanging in the background during Herr Schermann’s presentation. Any idea where I can find more information on the correlation of gongs, sound and crop circles? We are providers of Gong based guided meditations and this topic is fascinating to us. Thank you kindly.

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I love crop circles… interestingly, I drew a very similar pyramid fractal many years ago…


I was just looking at this year’s circles and found this from July:

I also made an art piece based on the same geometry, which I did long before this crop circle appeared, so that’s neat…


who creates this crop circle ?

The Best is Jamie Janover very comprehensive look at crop circles and how the geometry of unified science is related, in this video:
If into crop
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Us/you/thee. To reflect and meditate is to participate. And those who channel understanding of the geometric relationships of the universe from very small to very large want to share their gift for all the reasons humans do what we do.

Here’s the equation for “mother mandelbrot” : It can be explained with z n +1 = z n 2 + c . In this equation, c and z are complex numbers.

Which moves your soul? The geometry or the equation?

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I don’t want to register and log in to still another site. I don’t care to be harvested for reasons not made clear up front.

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I like numbers, but geometry is way cooler than equations (in my opinion).

Here’s another crop circle, also from July of this year:

This one is quite simple, based on the pentagram:

If you draw a circle with its center on a point of the pentagram to another point, it will meet a second point as well as two interior intersections:

Do this all around:

This results in these five circles:

Then draw a circle around the points of the original pentagram:

And remove everything outside of that perimeter:

This is the exact geometry of the crop circle. Similar to the Flower of Life, but a circle divided by five instead of six.


The fractal vs math quip is my dry humor. Point being: math is a great tool but geometric relationships are universal principles made manifest. Perhaps they are how our dreams teach us math? Notice we return to geometric relationships when we lose our way forward with unified math?

If you wish to deepen your connection to the geometric power of crop circles I wish to point you in the direction

Greetings Galactic Pals!
I had the most blog-worthy mind-blowing synchronicity involving Nassim Haramein and Crop Circles yesterday and I am writing to help myself integrate the level of dimensional orchestration necessary to coordinate such an experience!

Several threads of my life have been woven together to create this phenomenon and I want to briefly touch on them in an attempt to share the remarkable nature of the experience. It was so life changing for me that words feel primitive in the face of such a sophisticated intervention.

There are four main elements to the experience that came together around 2:30 am the other night; my recent application to offer my Crop Circle presentation at the upcoming Resonance Science Foundation delegate retreat, my consciousness expanding relationship with Crop Circles, the latest meditation event I was inspired to create, and the Sacred Geometry drawing classes I teach.

I have been a part of RSF for about six years and I consider myself a unified physics groupee. My worldview is, in large measure, based on the fundamental principles of Nassim’s Unified Field theory. I am part of their delegate program and participate in monthly calls that involve Nassim, the faculty and delegates. I will be heading to the Redwoods for the delegate gathering in July that includes all those folks and is a really big deal!

When the retreat was announced, I signed up immediately, ridiculously excited at the life changing opportunity that I knew it be. They were offering lots of opportunities for delegates to share their talents with presentations, music and art. Then, something happened that I never would have imagined… I submitted a proposal to present at the retreat about the relationship between Crop Circles and the Unified Field theory. There is no way to communicate how outside my comfort zone this presentation would be, but I was literally guided by the Crop Circles to offer the talk, and when one hears such a call, it is not possible to refuse.

I was willing present in front of an outrageously extraordinary group of genius physicists and scientists because I knew the Crop Circles would do most of the work. What that means is that I am a bit like a Galactic Vanna White, revealing illuminated cosmic symbols witha the next prize winning clue (Vanna - tell them what they’ve won!). Simply viewing the Crop Circles contains everything necessary for an activation, but to be fair, I do provide a transmission of energy through my embodiment and enthusiasm of their potency. AND… I knew I would be preaching to the choir so I went for it!

The presentation consists of a remarkable crop circle slide show and some pretty cool info about the biophysical nature of the phenomenon. More significantly though, the experience is designed to amplify the consciousness expanding technology of the Crop Circles. I focus on how the multi-dimensional intelligence of the formations activates dormant aspects of our human capacity. We explore how the increased light frequency of our being is the most powerful tool for both individual and collective transformation. The information is all fascinating, but what truly knocks it out of the park is the altered state and physical changes that people experience in the 2 hour gathering.

In this past year, I have become aware that sitting in meditation with the circles is a powerful way of receiving source intelligence. This means simply looking at the images with conscious breathwork and sometimes drawing them. Over time, my sensory system has expanded to experience greater and greater levels of guidance. Submitting the proposal to RSF is just one example of many.

As I was meditating with the Circles one evening, my live stream music station began playing binaural beats even though I have never listened to them before. I guess in the world of algorithms they are closely related to frequency music that I have on constantly. The brain hemisphere synchronizing ‘music’ was aligned with the pacing of my Crop Circle screen saver that can shuffle for hours. I felt my brain being activated in a way I had never experienced in any altered state and I knew very important attunements were happening. When the meditation was complete, I knew I had to share the opportunity for such a potent experience to others.

I created the event the next day and began marketing it as a “Biocircuitry repair and DNA activation with Binaural beats and Crop Circle meditation”. Pretty far out by any stretch of the imagination and completely unknown territory for me. Nevertheless, the call must be answered.

I explained that Crop Circles contain advanced multi-dimensional technology to upgrade our biocircuitry by aligning our subtle energetic and sensory systems. That the intelligent formations transmit information necessary to activate the genetic blueprint of our individual and collective evolution. And that the binaural sound frequencies are designed to synchronize the hemispheres of our brain and create coherent states of resonance for greater receptivity. Sounded like a good party to me.

The final piece of the astonishing synchronicity experience was that for a variety of reasons, that evening’s community college sacred geometry drawing class had felt particularly wonky to everyone. I got seriously tripped up in trying to explain how the density in the vacuum creates a greater amount of energy in a single cubic centimeter of space than in the entire universe. This was the first time I had not been able to substantiate the claim and I was pretty distraught.

Now we have all the puzzle pieces in place to communicate the Astonishing nature of the Synchronicity. A.S. is a term that Crop Circle enthusiasts use to try and explain the incomprehensible nature of alignments such as this one.

In my distress, I consciously decided to let myself check out and watch some Youtubes. After a few hours, I extricated myself from the limitless supply of mind-numbing videos and realized that what would really help was a Unified Field talk to see where I went wrong. In my late night media saturated fog, I put in a search term for Nassim’s talks and found one of his meditations that I had never seen before. That seemed like something that would be calming so, even though the title was in Portuguese, I thought I would give it a try. Of all the meditation videos I could have chosen, I scrolled down and chose one in Portuguese? Curious.

It turned out that it was only Portuguese sub-titles, so I settled in for the meditation. I quickly became aware of the unmistakable binaural rhythms accompanying the meditation, and shortly thereafter, the Crop Circle images began cycling through various formations while Nassim offered a galactic meditation. Many were the same images I use in my presentation. I had no idea that Nassim had ever done binaural brain synchronization meditations with Crop Circles. As you can imagine, I lost my shit.

I’ve often heard that we experience synchronicities when dimensional realities are bridged. I’ve also heard that the synchronicities are source/ spirit confirmation that we are aligned with our soul’s purpose. I believe all of it, and I am more excited than ever to support unique and inspired practices in service of our individual and collective consciousness awakening."
WOW a powerful expression of the lovevolution Thank you Jeffree

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THAT is some REMARKABLE 10 fold geometry! Beautiful! ~ Nadi

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I discovered this site and the founders through this video yesterday looking for a spherical yin yang

Dual Torus / Yin and Yang in 3D animation


THAT is a cool video! Thanks for sharing…

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Ok drdesignz… looks like you might also be on the Arcturian mothership advising the formations! :slight_smile:
That’s purely awesome.

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lovevolution is the solution OMLOVE & BLESSINGS Jeffree

WOW Nadia Perez shared this I moved it over here as well How fascinating is this!!!

Lovevolution is the solution Jeffree

Freddie Silvia work is a fascinating journey

Lovevolution is the solution

Crop circles are part of the lovevolution