Curving Spacetime Without a Death Star

Hey Wiliam!

A pondering- say we had some god-level mastermind who could control vast tracks of spacetime- could a super-critical supernova be possibly modified or commandeered such that the resulting gamma burst would target a planet?

think of the Death Star, without all the machinery…


Very interesting consideration, the answer would be yes. The way extremely massive systems curve spacetime (like galaxies) naturally produces a lensing effect. You can see this if you google “Einstein’s cross” (this is also one of the most direct refutations of “electric universe theory” that posits there is no such thing as gravitational curvature).

Just like a lense can be used to direct the incoming radiation energy of sunlight, and concentrate and direct that energy so much so that it can boil water (solar radiation energy generator); an artificially induced massive spacetime curvature placed in the right location around a supernova could concentrate and direct that energy. That amount of concentrated energy wouldn’t just destroy a planet, it would vaporize an entire solar system.

Nice, I do not think that universe is working mechanically as Spacetime stating