David Bohm The Life and Ideas

The Prequel to “The Connected Universe” “The Life and Ideas of David Bohm” https://www.infinitepotential.com/ Also on Gaia Videos

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David’s view of lovevolution
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:smiley: I watched this David Bohm biography on Gaiatv ! and I’ve been having some thoughts :wink:

I like the idea of the plenum: there is actually no empty space. I’ve been meditating on this and feeling into it.

It’s almost like the opposite of what we perceive: empty space is actually full and what it’s full of is potential energy. It’s the potential energy, which is a higher energy state, that makes it really full.

What we see as dense matter, is more “empty” because it’s lower energy because it’s been organized. Some of the potential energy has been tapped to create structure.

The more organized a structure is, the more empty it is because it’s used potential energy.

Plenum: it’s not a vacuum.

What we see as empty space has more potential energy and is more full. We’re the empty space; matter and really dense objects are more empty then space, which is full.

E=mc^2 is energy and mass equivalency. Im not sure how accurate this equation is…

If something is massive, it has a lot of energy. Well, the space is the biggest thing and that’s where all the energy is.

Im thinking of this in terms of energy gradients; once a structure is more organized, it’s tapped into some of that potential energy to create the structure and so it’s lower in energy than pure potential.

The plenum has an inherent structure. I imagine it looks something like the flower of life or tetrahedral grid.

When it organizes into structures, it adds a new layer, creating hierarchy and a gradient. The energy is always there and with every layer of organization that is added, that uses the potential energy, lowering the energy state of the overall structure. The energy is locked in the structure.