Dear Nassim, I theorise the spin to be a illusion

Hey Nassim,

In your recent video you said that the field is spinining, Nassim Haramein: A Field That’s Spinning.

I have a simple theory that shows the field spin to be an optical illusion brought about by the deposit of force/information.

As you will see from my video the spiral is formed by the deposit made this deposit will inflate/exand and form galaxies and all sorts of gravitationally empowered objects that end up traveling through space in different directions. Illusion of spin theorised video

My theory is based on inflation of force from the point of the BigBang. Its only in 2d at the moment im waiting to be able to complete a number of models that will show inflation of force happening and all do it in a fashion that give off the illusion of spin however none do spin.

More astral projecting that hardcore physiscs went into making it but it makes sence to me and maybe will to you too.


My poor friend, no one will answer … :)…

i dont understand your responce there bud :night_with_stars: where in the cosmos you coming from with that :rofl: @Fred

Ahah … You were talking about optical illusion … I thought that might intrigue you …

For my part, I have further advanced in conscience, I am summarizing this in a much more understandable report this time :wink: … I am working on its drafting, and … here it is posted ( …

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In your examples you never take into account zero. Why is that?

Ultimatley numbers represent groupings of force that come about through growth and dissipation of it. My diagram relates to the apparent white hole at the center of our universe.

image credit

Yes all the mathematical possibilities you express are real and realate to our conciousness which is rooted in the universe so clearly it would make scence the algorhythums of the mind would reflect that which surrounds us.

However my point relates to data/information that is carried on from there and at which force it is carried and the process through which this force is ammased before it gets gushed out into this Verse.

In the video it shows the same action except one shows the path the data take from the epicenter to the position it gets deposited and this in turn will create the illusion of a spiral.

Over time this “spiral” has expanded and released items to travel through out the verse. Items that hold different gravitational forces and atract types.

Our black holes will take new data or algos of creation and send it across to other verses that make part of this multiverse we are in.

It’s as clear to you as it is to me. I don’t understand anything about what you’re talking about :slight_smile:

“Zero is for me like a circle in the water …”

If I didn’t take zero into account, it’s because it’s a point, a center, like a periphery. It is both this starting point and this container, growing in size as the information is stored. In the end, I get that “1 has no container since it is all”. So what’s the use of zero? 1+0=1

All the more so as to think about it a little, If 0 is black, then 1 is white, black and white representing a duality, an imaginary world, a world of thought.

I do not work in this field, I have gone out of the realm of thought to attain “Consciousness”, so I act “in consciousness” on the “colored” world, and the sum of the colors is white, representing the unity, in reality …

These are two distinct operating modes. One is energy, the other is matter.

To put it simply, Scientists use the top table (with their mathematical language, the limit that tends to infinity, uncertainties …). I am using the bottom table (whose language is light), which expresses infinity in something periodic to infinity, but which is this simple table there, where zero has no place. Since the numbers go from 1 to 9. This is another approach, but this time it does not appeal to an observer, it is as is, for everyone, in the whole Universe.

Working with the one and the zero generates this, a separate world, made up of black and white … It is in this that I introduce something new, by dispersing the white I obtain the color. Zero is black, and I only work to highlight, darkness does not interest me.

Darkness breeds nonsense. Light gives meaning.
And this is how following the thread I get this:

Zero is what makes the connection between the beginning and the end. “The circle is complete”
Zero is the center, for example then we have A-> Z, it is a projection, what we call “Alphabet”.
Where do you think it comes from? If zero is the nothing, then “Alphabet” is a part of the whole => 1.

What about this for a prospective on black and white from a cosmic stand point where it’s just down to prospective not really about good or bad just the way you see it from where you are

One last time I will express my point of view …

Don’t you realize that any imagined work is still just one more distraction ???
(Well I admit, it’s funny…)
It’s good to have time to achieve “things”, but without means, in distress, the goal is survival no more and no less. And the survival of all of us depends on the survival of our environment. How does this kind of work serve the common good?

I don’t even pay attention to this sort of thing anymore, as I struggle to realize the garden (essential to our existence). Frankly so many people on the planet, so many imagined things … Never ending story? It doesn’t really touch me anymore, I’m making a big effort now to find the time and connect to “the web” to try to make consciousness evolve, and all of them bring me back to various “thoughts” … They don’t not walk on me, if not to exasperate me, nothing to do …

This is what I emphasized in the talk about the unified field of consciousness, where there is nothing that is not in consciousness. Everything has to do with light, with colors, and these colors express reality in consciousness. Realize how our mind is manipulated as through advertising, movies … these colors are used to take advantage of the gullibility of the ignorant. How many content themselves with videos for example, instead of exercising their free will and defining in themselves what makes them vibrate, in relation to existence, consciously. wall that one wonders, but it is then already too late and here we are subjected to false beliefs, because shared by a “flock of sheep” … I warn and it is well there that I can do.

Then we have 5-Dialogue, Communication, 6-Vision, Imagination, 7-Thoughts (And that’s where all the interpretations come from, good or bad, true or false, like the example you show us, "again one example among many others ". Examples of which I get tired so much they occupy a preponderant place and keep people separated by different points of view, exaggerated even to the detriment of what allows us to exist, (which I believe essential and which happens to be the same things from the point of view of all and everything). Then there is 8 = CONSCIOUSNESS in Self. And finally 9 = Field of Consciousness (Consciousness shared by "all that exists and evolves in Consciousness (Mineral, Vegetal, Animal) ").

So get out of the bubble … Connect “in Consciousness” …

It is high time to unite in a common goal, which for what I am aware is to offer to any “Existence” something to flourish FREE. And not to extract, to impoverish day after day this Existence, by stealing from it without permission extracts of Existence, which become “materials”, tools, and which are only a source of “limited” profit, and for only a few people in their bubble, so selfish that they do not even realize the disarray they inflict on all the life around them … And what about consumers ???

I stop there, it’s not worth it …

Also i dont work with the assumption there is such a thing as a beggining and end that is only a linear time line concepts as the beggening gets rerun but the angle is changed offering various types of verses that spit out data in various agles but the sequence is the same and these may happen simoutainously in alterenet realities

check out video at 11:22:20

various forms of radiance

When we remove the cork of beliefs …

Image Source

So do you belive our Universe is subject to Hyperbolic Geometry or would you say your work not not reflect this?

I only ask because you are focused on Geometry. You see, my part time hobby (my models). The numbers you see they are simply a statement of the forced used to travel the previous step/or distance traveled and force ammased/both force amassed over distance traveled im unsure.

It will eventually be better represented as my skills progress.

In your drawing you look from above … And in black and white …
I see in transparency, and I show you for example a front view : wink:

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It’s still curious, don’t you think?

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