EHS - electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome ? anyone have any suggestions for smart & HYPERsensitive/perceptive ?.... please

Hi RSF community
my name is margie and I call myself a “scientartist”
I am smart AND sensitive/perceptive and the world and engaging on these devices seems to cause me discomfort. There is an emotional component to all if this because of the amount of disconnect I feel from, well, everyone and everything …
I do my best and “plug in” when I am able;
I’ve discovered the shoes I wear make a difference, as rubber soled shoes are NOT electrically grounding
carrying or wearing Black obsidian seems to help
It’s a lot of trial and mostly error but I’m still alive so I guess my errors are more data to learn from

I have a reactivity to metal and can feel the spin of electromagnetism in my fingertips
Ppl tell me this isn’t possible but I know what I feel, so I think I’ve been telling the wrong people whay I feel if they tell me what I feel is “wrong” !!!

if anyone has any experience with this or advice to offer I would ever so grateful

thank u, RSF community
peace, love & light to all​:vulcan_salute:t3::cyclone::dizzy:


Hi Margie :blush:

By “these devices” do you mean computers?
A naturopath once told me to put a bowl with Epsom salt between the computer and myself. I think it’s helped.
Add as many plants indoors as you can for purification. I have a few Boston Ferns :wink:
Also look into shielding devices to cover your modem. I haven’t rewatched this recently but I think Regina talks about solutions in this video.

There is a lady called Sofia Smallstorm who is extremely sensitive. She might be able to help as I think her ailments are similar to what you experience. I haven’t watched the following. I’ve only seen her on a podcast with a comedian who swears a lot so thought best not to post that here incase anyone is sensitive to f-bombs :hugs:

All the best,


Oh Sarah,
I cannot Thank You enough

And yes, I mean all anything with WuFi or emitting Radio Frequencies (RFs) but also a sensitivity electrical electricity,

The u-tube videos and guiding me toward people to study/learn from is so valuable I am without speech :blush::vulcan_salute:t3::heart:

epsom salt a great idea
I have indoor plants, will look into Boston Ferns

This reply made my energy zing
Thank u AGAIN & again & :cyclone::cyclone::cyclone:
u are amazing
bless you
margie :blush::revolving_hearts::blush:


Dear Sarah,

me too, I cannot thank you enough for this balanced, positive while rigorous overview of the 5G situation by Regina Meredith. At last something I can share with pretty well anyone without having them shut down out of resistance. And a good antidote for our own stress about it, both by offering cues for prevention/protection and for giving a more palatable viewpoint so it can be shared with more people.

Love and gratitude!


Hi marekm108,
I suppose you know you are millions in the world to be hypersensitive to EM waves. And we all are exposed to become so with 5G.
I have developped a device for that in France but I can’t send it to you.
My best advice is a stone called shungite. With my experience, this stone is the best for protection.
You can get shungite from the net. It will help, but it can’t be enough to be safe.
Some people use Tourmaline ou black obsidian, but they have to be “purified” periodically under running water or exposed to sunlight. Some plants better protect than others, like cactus peruvianus and crassula ovata. Also, increase your exposure to nature.
Sorry not to be able to do more.


Hi patricego…
That was super helpful
I leave my phone off and only check it every few days
My laptop and router are out of the apartment and I’m turning my wiFi service off

I so SO APPRECIATE the feedback

what kind of device did u invent ?

Too bad I can’t get one here :frowning:

I have plants and Black obsidian
Nowhere feels safe because I am also sensitive to EMFs so electricity combined with radiation is like discomfort on steroids (!)

I’m sifting and sorting slowly because both me and my dog are alive and healthy we just feel things that are very unpleasant and also the dizziness and nausea that comes with simply responding -
Ohhhh I never imagined I would be this cut off from everyone and thing I love and do :pleading_face:

it’s an uphill battle, but who’s life isn’t
thank u
Thank U
and bless u

margie :vulcan_salute:t3::cyclone::dizzy:

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I cannot thank you enough
namaste :pray:t3::white_heart::cyclone::dizzy:

I know it might seem odd if you haven’t heard of those things before, but it will get to the root of your discomforts instead of just masking the symptoms on a daily basis. You will be surprised with the healing power you find in it!
:slight_smile: :pray:

  • I deleted the healing meditation from the posts here and re-sent it to you in your private messages.
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none of u your reply sounded “odd” and it all made such perfect sense the universe guided you to me & vice versa

happy weekend

I would be very interested to hear people’s understanding / interpretation of the impact of 5G technology to our physiology and not only our own but in fact its impact to the balance of nature in resonance with the earth. It is quite likely that Cleopatra’s suggested meditation will work to strengthen one’s own connection and alignment to those harmonious universal life supporting frequencies. But isn’t there a fundamental unhealthy interference from EMF technology (and even more so from 5G) to our inter-cellular communication that Margie is picking up on? It seems to me that she is sensitive enough to feel the harmful interference that likely is affecting us all - most of us just aren’t aware of it until we suffer from some chronic disease without fully understanding the aggravating influence from these EMF…

Martin Pall, PhD and professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University summarizes the effects of 5G EMF as follows:

  1. Attack our nervous systems including our brains leading to widespread neurological/
    neuropsychiatric effects and possibly many other effects. This nervous system attack
    is of great concern.
  2. Attack our endocrine (that is hormonal) systems. In this context, the main things that
    make us functionally different from single celled creatures are our nervous system and
    our endocrine systems – even a simple planaria worm needs both of these. Thus the
    consequences of the disruption of these two regulatory systems is immense, such that
    it is a travesty to ignore these findings.
  3. Produce oxidative stress and free radical damage, which have central roles in
    essentially all chronic diseases.
  4. Attack the DNA of our cells, producing single strand and double strand breaks in
    cellular DNA and oxidized bases in our cellular DNA. These in turn produce cancer and
    also mutations in germ line cells which produce mutations in future generations.
  5. Produce elevated levels of apoptosis (programmed cell death), events especially
    important in causing both neurodegenerative diseases and infertility.
  6. Lower male and female fertility, lower sex hormones, lower libido and increased levels
    of spontaneous abortion and, as already stated, attack the DNA in sperm cells.
  7. Produce excessive intracellular calcium [Ca2+]i and excessive calcium signaling.
  8. Attack the cells of our bodies to cause cancer. Such attacks are thought to act via
    15 different mechanisms during cancer causation.

I really would like to hear RSF faculty input on this subject since it does affect us all.


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Wow bluebird, you are great at building up momemtum in the undesired manifestation direction :smile:. . . A true healer knows his/her power. . . I have given a solution, if you choose to focus on the problem instead of the solution, then that is your negative desire but not everyones. . Can you control at the moment the governments implementing 5G on the world right now? Unless you have a spaceship somewhere to travel to another planet, I don’t believe you can. . So, what can you control? Only your response and reaction to it. .

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Touchee - It was not my intention to feed the undesired energy… :wink:

I do however think it useful to properly understand the issues we are facing, the environment we live in - as a preparation to find solutions on how to protect ourselves against it. Also, I’m not (yet) to the point of believing that it is inevitable that we will have this technology everywhere. In order to avoid it, at a minimum at local levels, it is necessary to understand the impact the technology can have and advocate for its avoidance, isn’t it? Most people are ignorant about it and see the “internet of things”, the fact that the fridge can alert to low levels of milk on hand via cell phone as a desirable improvement to quality of life… without realizing the prize tag attached to this “convenience”.
And let’s face it, we do have insufficient knowledge about which frequencies are harmful and to what extent… That’s why I was interested to see what faculty members might think, whether or not they see ways to find frequencies 5G could operate on that do not lead to those undesired outcomes…

It is useful food for thought though to ponder the question to what extent this “hands-on” analysis of what we are facing is helpful, or whether we should “just” surrender and trust that the universe will “right” things on its own… thanks for your feed-back,


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Well that’s another topic all together, I was simply offering the poster a solution for her personal problem, not trying to change governmental actions in my post. . I understand your frustrations and your concerns, I sense you’re full of anxiety (I felt the JOLT when I read your post), it’s a normal human concern, but also remember that you attract into your life what you focus on. The effects of these technologies on your personal life will be a direct cause from how your thoughts and emotions are focusing on them. . Period. . Perhaps you can start another thread for your concerns on 5G if that is what feels right to you, and raise your concerns to your local government representatives if that is what feels right to you, however the poster needs to focus on healing herself not the problems which she is already well aware of, such posts as yours will only promote more anxiety and distract her focus further to heal. Are you trying to diminish her or anyones faith? Your faith is already low, it’s not necessary to try to bring others down with you when a pathway has been opened. .

A note to the poster marekm108, if you do attempt the healing meditations from myself or Nassim’s techniques, do not tell any of your friends or family about it, keep it to yourself when you have started. As their negative focus and disbelief in what you are doing will effect your results. .

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Again, your interpretation of my intent was nowhere on my mind.
I also did not mean to question your suggestion - to the contrary, I think it is a great way to invoke protection at an individual level.

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@Bluebird: may be it’s a bit off topic, but I’ve written a few lines on an article on life-friendly electromagnetic frequencies that I discovered during a Resonance Academy live with Nassim Haramein and William Brown:

Unfortunately I’ve written it in french and I haven’t translated it yet.
It’s based on the article from Dirk K. F. Meijer1 and Hans J. H. Geesink.
I know there is an other interesting work on the subject by Irena Cosic, I haven’t studied it yet.

I’ve already posted a link in the french part of the forum in May:

Merci beaucoup Jean,
J’ai vecu en France pendant 5 ans - donc le Francais ne me posera pas de probleme…
C’est interessant et je vais certainement me renseigner.


In a nutshell, the main think I extracted from their article (based on the results of 123 other studies) is that frequencies corresponding to the 432Hz musical tuning are life-friendly.
If you look in detail, it’s not exactly the regular temperament at 432Hz of the usual musical tuning, the spacing between the notes is different (and it’s different from the Pythagoran tuning).
Through octaviation (doubling or dividing by 2 the frequencies) you can determine the differents harmonics on the whole elecromagnetic spectrum.
These life-friendly notes are called coherent frequencies. The half bandwidth for the coherence is 0.85%. Between 0.85 and 1.25% of the coherent frequency, you still get a moderate level of coherency.
Citing the article (page 10, ):
“A clear decay of organizational frequencies of living cells can occur when the absolute distance between the observed frequency and the calculated coherent frequency is between 1.25% - 2.50%, while a maximum decay can take place around 2.50% - 3.0%”

This decay corresponds to a musical tuning where decoherent notes are just in between the coherent notes.
This roughly corresponds to a musical tuning at 418Hz .
This is my summary of the point of view of this article.
I think the point of view of Irena Cosic is different.

In my web page I’ve written a bit of javascript to get a view of this coherent frequencies comparing them to the usual musical tuning(you can even listen to the corresponding sounds) and to the frequencies used in France by Linky smart meters for G3-PLC communication.
According to this model of coherent frequencies, you quickly realize that part of frequencies around us can be beneficial, some are detrimental.
If this model is verified, I think it wouldn’t be too much difficult for our society to tune the frequencies we use to coherent ones. After all I think that even in smart meters, the value of the frequencies used are soft coded (in the software). In a lot of cases, it wouldn’t be that hard to tune to the closer coherent frequency. For Wifi or ADSL there are regurlarly new standards with small evolutions.


Welcome Bluebird,
Thank you for “hearing me” …
I too am interested in RSF faculty’s perspective on the EHS debate, however I will live without it its going to feed the “unwanted” momentum

I am struggling and seeking answers;
the meditations and visualizations and “mind over matter” attitude has helped exponentially

I have been so disconnected because I was having magnetic repulsion toward all things metal, mt dog’s leash clip, my keys, my cell phone, any metal in my clothes, even magnetic strips or barcodes… if I touched them I would immediately taste metal

My system was both physically and emotionally overloaded
I believe I CAN heal myself, I was feeling my environment was too draining and my system was compromised.

With love
With patience and
with faith… I know I’ll make my way

I’m also scientifically very curious, so I WANT to know the details of what is causing so much life-functioning interference.

Maybe, like how if I bang a screwdriver & it gets magnetized, …
I felt banged around by life and my polarity became fragmented and I lost sight of my own “true north”

maybe 5G really does impact people physically, however, i also believe, ya humans will evolve along with the technology if we allow it and, personally, if I am not emotional toward it…
The machines are created withOUT emotions because they tend to make universes wonky.

I so appreciate all of the support and interest and feedback
may you all be happy
may you all be healthy and strong
may you all be safe and free from harm
may you all live a life of ease
-margie :blush::rainbow::comet::cyclone::dizzy:

do you know live blood analysis? dark field microscopy blood analysis?

I watched an interview with a german scientist who is doing live blood analysis with dark field microscopy and she talked about a patient with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).
“Mona Baranczyk suffered from MCS for 15 years and was cured through SanaZon Therapy. Through her experience she can provide guidance for those suffering from the same condition before receiving treatment as well as accompanying the patient during the treatment period”

Here is a link of the SanaZon Therapy

She said that there are millions of MCS patients and the numbers are increasing. Perhaps MCS and EHS have something in common. I don’t know just thought that it could be helpful.

This is the website of her doctors office

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THANK U, this is such valuable information and GREAT direction
blessings :pray:t3::cyclone::dizzy: