Elisabet Sahtouris 1.4 Shifting Our Worldview Video ending

Loved this made me giggle at the end, almost had a few beatings for my outspoken view regarding soldiers, I say ban the lot of them no soldiers for any country then I wanna see how the bullies in governments sort their squabbles out without having any armies to threaten each other with.

I know how they would come to an understanding and resolve their differences without the threat of enforcing dominance through military conflict. THAT’S HOW!!!

Requiring the bullies in goverments to sort their squabbles (without their big toys) IS a way to solve the problem. But that is part B. Part A would be to register everyone for the draft and first drafted would be the progeny of all public servants in government. Given the current mind set it is doubtful there would be a part B without first a part A.