Embodying the Harameiverse

Along with working to grasp Unification Science in my mind, I am experimenting with methods to experience it in my physical and energetic bodies. To that end, I have been adapting internal Chi Kung practices described in Robert Peng’s book The Master Key. Instead of using the movements and internal visualizations to cultivate and accumulate “chi,” I am using them to visualize and focus on an experience of the “holomovement” (per David Bohm) passing through me.

My goal is to more and more powerfully attune myself as a transceiver for “the implicate order” (Bohm again)—the holofractal deep structure that knits the universe together—as a means to bring more of that ordering principle into this deeply fractured and chaotic moment in our world. It’s my own idiosyncratic attempt to generate a Bodhichitta.

It may all be merely delusional, an attempt to DO SOMETHING, a ritual to help sustain some degree of sanity in these crazy times. Still…

If any of you are experimenting along similar lines, or if you would like to learn more about what I am doing, please be in touch.

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Aloha, I am thrilled to hear what you are exploring and that you are using Robert Peng’s book…I have been doing my own similar practice to become more attuned to feeling my own subtle energy in my body to feel when or how the field is affecting me. I feel vibrations more fluidly now.

I am have always felt other people’s emotional bodies or “energy state” is how I’m thinking of it, but now I’m able to block or discern unwanted energies from affecting me, something that was never taught or pointed out to me until these Ascension energies kicked in and I realized I’ve been an empath my whole life!

l also incorporate breath and movement now focusing on each chakra center at a time. I am getting ready to start a live class offering of this work as I just moved to the island of Kauai!
It would be awesome to share videos of what we are each doing,
here is my email if you feel inspired to send me something…


My videos will be taped starting in October during the live classes and I will send them along to you. Also have you heard of the Unified Field Healing work by Dr. John Ryan…I think it goes by UFH supposedly it goes to quantum DNA level…

Happy exploring!

Awesome What your doing…keys are peaceful stillness then absolutely unconditional love and send that peaceful stillness Unconditional love to all…with every aspect of your essence…your being…

Hi Vicki,
I haven’t heard about Unified Field Healing and will definitely check it out. Have you worked with any of Robert Peng’s stuff yourself?

I also incorporate sound into my chakra work. The Monroe Institute posts guided meditations on YouTube. There is one entitled “Heal and Balance,” which guides the listener to sing tones of varying frequencies while focusing attention on the chakras. After doing this daily for several weeks, I began recording my toning using a looping app on my iPhone (Loopy). I take those raw tracks and, by overdubbing, panning and other tricks, process them into soundscapes, which I then play while doing my holomovement process. Definitely adds that “special sauce.”

Here’s the address for some of those soundscapes:

I will also email you a link. I look forward to seeing your videos and learn more about what you are evolving.
Onward and Upward
Paul C

Big ol’ trucker 10-4 on the peace and Unconditional Love! That is absolutely the essence of it. One could look on all of the technique-y stuff as a means to help still and focus the mind to allow the UC to shine forth. In that regard, I have found the HeartMath exercises to be enormously helpful in enabling my heart to open to that love.

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Here’s the setup:
•WM 71 yrs. Reasonable shape, starting to exercise again after several month hiatus.
•Doing range-of-motion improvised movement holding 6# sash weights.
•Two 3-4 minute stints, soundtrack courtesy Jack White on SNL.
•First session was straight muscular effort. Felt definite strain doing slow lateral fly and other movements at full extension. Overall experience was “doable but effortful.”
•Began second session: by visualizing myself “plugged into the holomovement“ and expanding my proprioceptive sense of my body. I experienced the movement as much freer and more effortless. Unlike the first time, there was no sense of strain or discomfort during the shoulder flys or any other movement done at full extension. Very preliminary and unscientific, but presents fun avenues for exploration.

Call it vortex entrainment. It’s an attempt to somatacize my first admittedly limited understanding of Resonance Science through creative proprioception. Anyone interested, I’m happy to discuss further. Anyhow, I’ve been playing with it for about six months, and it is getting… interesting.

For the past 6-8 years, I have been riding a recumbent trike (two wheels in front, one in back. Sits quite low to the ground.) Because of the seating position, one can engage more of the body—particularly the core— in a way that’s not possible on an upright bike. On the downside, the thing weighs 60 lbs—2x the weight of a hybrid bike, 3x that of a road bike. Until two years ago, I was riding 3-4 times per week, usually 5-7 miles at 80-ish percent aerobic capacity (per “Body, Mind, and Sports”), incorporating as much altitude change as Portland, OR affords.

Life happened, and I barely rode for a year and a half. Then, about 6 months ago, I started doing it as a “should” (use it or TOTALLY lose it, being 70). For a couple of months, it was strictly “Meh.” and I was resigning myself to hot rides being a thing of the past. Then I began consciously attempting to merge my vortex-powered energy work and my physical movement. At some point a few weeks ago the process reached a tipping point and it was as if I had taken a performance-enhancing drug. I am suddenly back at my performance level from 2 years ago, only it’s less effortful and I don’t breathe near as hard. The whole effect is pretty darned striking and I attribute it primarily to the energy work.

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Greetings fellow singularities! I am an Equine Facilitated Wellness practitioner trained in the Eponaquest Method of Linda Kohanov. I’ve been working alongside horses for 20 years now to support people aligning their bodies, nonverbal communication, energy, emotions and thoughts with their intentions within their interactions. Coherence in the understanding of Heartmath has been a huge part of this. Many horse people have been consciously using their energy to interact with horses. The idea of our own energy being part of and consistent with the energy of All including the field between supports and enhances the understanding and mechanics of what I have been teaching so brilliantly. Horses are masters of connection and like all of Nature have oodles to teach us about how to share power with Nature and engage in what I call conscious relationship. We have been working with the understanding of our bodies as tuners, receivers and amplifiers of information that we need to cultivate a relationship with. We’ve been using the active bands in the energy fields surrounding all beings as access points for influence at a distance using coherence and heart breathing to create relaxation to support connection. Horses respond so visibly and beautifully to actions that align with these deeper intentions, energetic principles and understandings. They are magnificent partners in teaching this way of seeing the world and experiencing it manifesting in the physical world in visible and sensational ways. I would like to create a course to teach the Connected Universe Model and then have people experience it directly with the horses, creating practices for embodying this understanding and expressing it out in the world creatively through interactions in relationship. If anyone has suggestions on courses or teachers that could support this process, I’d be interested. Here’s my mentor heart breathing through the field to generate attraction toward influencing connection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm7GiqzQm_4