Enjoying the presence of others and what we can experience, in an uninterupted sense. To bring back ideas and conversation, to move forward our experience

Hi there, I like the science of focusing on the quantum aspects of what we are in the experience of becoming no body, no where, no thing, no one, and in no time. It allows us to focus on pure consciousness and take every created limit of what we made, even as fun, out of there, to be able to have ultimate fun, and experience so much through so little.

And so, I would like to focus on our infinite aspects, our beautiful interpretations of things in our minds, and just how much we can go places with ease mentally, how valid our inventions of imagination are, how we can share them with others!, and how we can take that experience of experiencing so much through relatively little, in what was an ordinary moment just not too long ago, to be able to take that fulfillment, and apply it wherever we’d like. And integrate everything else beautiful how we see fit in coherence with universal law. It’s one Giant PlayPlace!

And so, relations are as real as things, and I’m happy knowing you in this sense, with this context, and in the knowing that we’ve known each other our whole lives and beyond, and being in that space of infinite love and comfort of being here. As we make the new world.

With that being said, I’d like to share something I’ve been working on as it allows us to come up with our own unique experiences, and go freely into our minds as a place for limitless consciousness, to bring back new creations, inventions, and scientific thought, or any ideas that we’d like, from the heart of our experiences. To expand the conversation, and what we can experience through human interaction and invention. Starting at the scale of imagination and flow in being in this moment.

This one reminds me of, a molecular structure with sunshine energy, in harmony with the equal and opposite reactions, pulling back old and outdated atoms/structures/cells, in the form of a veil being removed, as we are introduced to the light (in the center), of what is really being brought into harmony. There is a multi-layered formation of the coming together of the two parts of a 2d tetrahedron in the making (in the center). It is the forming of all life to come, and showing us what is possible, in real time, through the art of observing an image, with the scientific context of we learned in the free Unified Science Course (Thank You Unconditionally for That), in integration of being able to experience this in our minds, and is foundation for what we will soon be able to experience in reality, all over the place, unconditionally, as we make what means the world to us, in harmony, and in love with nature, nurture, and all things Source.