Entanglement questions #Heeeelp!

Hi everyone, can someone help me with this?

Each proton is connected to 10(40) other protons, each to 10(40) others, as it is a mini black hole.
As far as I understand the point of Nassim’s theory is that everything is a black hole in a black hole so what I had understood previously (in my many hours of youtube-Haramein binge watchint) is that there’s a black hole at the centre of each person (in the heart seemingly?), planet, solar system, galaxy, universe etc… So on top of the proton’s entanglement, is there a similar process so that each point on the surface of our let’s say “galaxy black hole” is connected to so many other galaxies, etc?

My head’s spinning with all this.

Also, if there’s a subplanck does that mean that the planck is also an ultra small ‘black hole’ connected to all other plancks etc etc…?

And is it just not totally infinite? beyond the subplanck etc?

Thank you for your input.