Erosion of the giza plateau

Hi Nassim,

Thank you for your generosity for opening up the course for everyone to experience!

I’m the geologist from Canada that you randomly met on the giza plateau in 2017. I remember you asked me a question - How did these huge 200 tonne blocks erode so much, in a relatively short period of time? . . After doing some meditations in Egypt during the following months, I got a compelling answer for you. It would explain the high erosion rate, and the fissures/water erosion features seen today, without the need of going back in time to the last ice age. I haven’t revealed it to anyone yet, except my mom lol. I would like to reveal this to you, I have scientific evidence to support this theory. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: With love and light.

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Can I have your mums email? Just kidding :hugs:

I’ve followed the work of Geologist Dr Robert Schoch, he might be interested also.

Let us know when you release your findings. Exciting!

Hi Sarah,

Lol, you’re not the first one to ask me that.

Thank you for your input. I’m not sure though that I’ll be going public about it by releasing it in any big way, although I’m pretty certain it explains everything. I’m not wanting to gain fame from it or push the topic too deeply, I kind of like my quiet life :). As you mentioned, it would be interesting though to maybe speak with Dr. Schoch to also share my findings. I just thought to share this with Nassim one day since it was the topic of our conversation when we met :).

Blessed be :sparkles::dizzy:.