existence of God

Do God exist in this worlddoes god exist


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It depends on what the word God means to the one asking. :smiley:
If you mean the old man sitting on a throne in the sky? Or A creator in the cosmos in the form of a being of some sort with qualities and attributes similar to us? or Do you mean a source of life and intelligence above and beyond the cosmos?
To answer the questions above depend on what you want to believe or what we can prove with solid evidence.
How does one believe? I assume with choice of Imagination, thought forms etc.
How does one provide evidence? Depends on the kind of evidence you seek.
Kinds of evidence:
1; solid tangible material evidence. Like relics, Temples, thrones, footprints, bones of Giants etc.
2; comparative, parallel, demonstrative. Like something ln the image of god or acting like god in the vicinity of the earth, that we can see to believe. Saints, Gurus, Lamas, Popes, Kings, Rulers, Principalities, Dominions, Powers.
3; creative, mental, imaginative. Like Movies, Music, technology, Books, Philosophy, Theosophy, Metaphysics, Science.
4; Scriptural, theological, Authoritative. Like the Bible and other scripture, Testimonies and first hand verified experience by authoritative persons of Godly people like Buddha, Abraham, Zoroaster, Job, King David, Solomon, Krishna, Muhammad.
5; mystical experience, sacred magic (Miracles). Dreams, out of body experience, Paranormal phenomena, raising the dead, healing the sick with a word, walking on water or floating in midair.
6; Logic, Reason, Faith, Hope,
7; knowing; a deep sense of just knowing without knowing. Feeling it deep inside. That connection we have in our innermost that says. I AM NOT ALONE IN HERE.


This ebook has some info about God and this world and physics. I like the holographic fractal image of the universe and the central nervous system.


It’s great to imagine the world in world idea and get lost in it, however as clear as the complexity of that can be at times in one’s journey I’m still left curious asking why and what. If we are what we are then why are we what we are and what is our purpose. Is the desire to have a purpose a human thing of is it a living being thing. Then when you start to even glimpse a slight bit of clarity you realise your concept is micro and you then consider the macro and realise there are altering types of micros that are contradictory and the macro just doesn’t make sense to the micro you liv in or it makes perfect sense but the other micros are out of place oh Dear God WHAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!


God speaks through patterns

From nature to life lessons :wink:


@iak1983 I often ask myself the same questions. My opinion; Nobody can really answer any question with absolute certainty. Nobody has absolute knowledge.

The safest compass I can follow is: deep inner knowing (Not intellectual knowledge)

Not that there is anything wrong with it; its just that its not reliable. Maybe I can illustrate. Imagine you could talk to a tree. Ask the tree: How do you grow from just a small seed? How do you produce fruit… etc. etc… The tree would most likely say: I DON’T KNOW. I Just do it.

We JUST know deep down but don’t know how we know, but we cant fully explain what we know. Like you dislike a person and you don’t know why, or you go in a place and you feel uneasy, scared, worried for no apparent reason.

We have some scientific knowledge, but we still have a long way to go. Think carefully and deeply while pondering on the following questions; people believe the stories of life after death, but do you know anyone who can give you absolute proof that he died and returned? How can anyone tell you about death and the after life? and yet many books are sold for this story. We love stories don’t we? People say: this is an apple tree, and the tree is like this and it does that and it comes from that place? . Have you ever met anyone that can make an apple tree from scratch? ONLY ONE THAT CAN MAKE THE TREE CAN TELL YOU WHAT IT IS. How can anyone actually and truly tell you what an apple tree really is? Go to a homeless person that has no knowledge of how to make a car. Ask him to tell you what a car is? after that Go to MR FORD
Henry Ford - Wikipedia
and asking him what a car is? Do you think the answer will be the same?

Yes it is possible to tell stories and history (HIS-story… lol… ) And there is nothing wrong with it.

Its fun, it keeps us busy, life is exiting, we are learning, we are growing etc… Maybe that is part of the purpose of life. Just have fun. Love life and life will love you back. I Hope this was helpful. :joy:

Go to an isolated place and just sit there doing absolutely nothing. See how long you will last sitting still and doing nothing. Sooo Booooring. What would we do with this life if we were perfect and complete. Nothing left to do? OR If I gave $20m and you could travel the world, have the best holiday and time of your life. How long before it gets boring?


May we should ask if A CREATOR EXISTS. A creator creates creators. Creativity exists.

The CREATOR created creators with creativity.
Creators have creativity.
Some people call the creator: God.
Creativity gave us the world we live in.
Its possible that we even created all of the gods and God but we did not create our Creator,…
Who or what created us? What is the SOURCE of creativity, intelligence and progress/evolution/change?

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