Experiments with magnets?

A year ago I bought several neodymium magnets to use at work. Now I no longer need them for work and I have them at home. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for experiments or projects I can do with them that will highlight aspects of the unified physics theories.


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Hi Roger,

Actually, there is a quite pertinent experiement you can do- or a project to create power- based on the work of John Bedini and Tom Bearden , both I understand now are deceased…
They collaborated on a very in-depth study called “Energy From the Vacuum” which still should be available on Tom Bearden’s website- unless that also is being dismantled now…

Bedini applied Tesla’s DC pulse technology - a fancy way to say, extracting energy from the vacuum, using neo magnets stuck on a rotating bicycle wheel, which delivered pulses to a coil via a simple gate arrangement.

Long story short, it is using very basic electrical principle, and a couple transistors, and feeds a wire into the negative terminal of a 12v battery to charge it for free, by using the pulsing mags.
bedini gives full visual records, puts ckts up on the chalkboard, explains every aspect. very cool and simple easy!

another example of perpetual motion in my book- as the wheel just turns forever whether that battery gets charged or not.
hope you can investigate this!

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Thank you! Sounds like fun. I will look it up and give it a shot.


@RogerRiddle - have you looked into therapeutic uses for magnets??

@chrystalline I haven’t, but not because I am opposed to it. I am just more interested in something leaning towards engineering.
However if you have a suggestion for a therapeutic experiment I should try, I would enjoy hearing it.

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@RogerRiddle - i’ll keep magnet engineering ideas in my brainstorm bucket :wink: i’m currently putting together a research project on therapeutic potential of immersion in a zero magnetism unit, in conjunction with intentional magnet therapy between immersion sessions – so i’m very interested in exploring ideas on this!

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@chrystalline Sounds interesting. Let me know how it goes.

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Could you suspend/elevate a spinning object?

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Hi…I just found this site today, and am very interested in the use of magnets. I’m a machinist by trade and am trying to figure a way to make an over unity motor/generator. My weak point is the creation of electrical circuitry for charging batteries and running a motor.
I would like to be able to use a cell phone style battery to charge and draw current from to run a motor/motors such as in a drone, to have an onboard magnetic driven charger. any thoughts??

The German Patent of Friedrich Lülings Magnet Motor is definetly hidden somewhere in the archives of the ones who already killed Dr Wilhelm Reich.