Faculty Q & A January 20th 2021

Regarding the question “What is the opposite of one?” (Starting just after 54:30). Perhaps another question may help. “What is the nature of one?”
With reference to Guadiya Vaisnavism (see Report on the Gaudiya Vaishnava Vedanta form of Vedic Ontology, by Henry P. Stapp) If you look at it as one single infinite, then the opposite may be seen as an infinite number of finite “One’s”. The answer depending on what the subject of the question is connected with, rather than having a floating context. Another statement connected with this era of philosophy could also be thrown into any future discussion is the statement about our relationship (as an infinite number of single conscious “One’s”) with a single infinite “One” as “Inconceivable Simultaneous Oneness and Difference”. At least as my very limited understanding of the subject allows. It does raise a question in my mind, which is, would that fulfil the conditions of an open system containing multiple closed systems? In closing, I have to mention I’m in awe of everyone at the RSF for the way you explain mathematics and physics in a way that I can imagine in a way that gives me at least an understanding (relative) of what you are explaining, even though it may not be the understanding (absolute)! Thank you all for making learning interesting and fun.