Faculty Q&A of August 19th?

Hi all,

I am not sure where to post this, but it seems the Facebook live event and the recording of the Faculty Q&A of August 19th is missing? In fact, we waited in vain for the live event to start. I have not seen any message that something went wrong afterwards, nor a message of the recording being available …

Does anybody know if this sessions is accessible somewhere, or will be made available soon?


Search for Nassim on YouTube. That’s where I watch. Live watching is nice but not realistic in a world of 24 time zones.

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Actually @Darryl in my timezone it comes rather OK, between 9pm and 11pm, and I wouldn’t miss it - it is not the same as the things I find on the Internet, to be honest. In the meantime I have become a contributing member (for the lowest amount) and so I can follow on Zoom and pose questions - Nassim answered one in the latest Q&A …