Fruits vs ARK water

Aren’t fruits full of structured/coherent water? So maybe eating lots of fruits can have similar health benefits to the water structured with the ARK crystal. And fruits of course have many other health benefits as well. I wonder what kind of differences there are in the structure of ARK treated water vs the water from a fruit. I believe humans are frugivores by nature(every other primate on this planet is) and structured water from fruits might have a lot to do with the fact that we have developed so far as a species. And it also might play a part in our current demise healthwise as a species that we have strayed so far from our original diet.

What kind of a diet do you guys eat? I’d love to know what Nassim eats :slight_smile: I have tried Fruitarian/raw vegan many times but i always eventually fall back to cooked food and meats. I guess at some point i will have to get my act together and stick with the healthy food as i am trying to heal from chronic illness. I’m hoping the ARK crystal i just ordered will at least give me a little boost in the right direction. anybody have any ARK crystal healing testimonials/stories to share?

Hi OskariAuvinen,

I have found the alkaline diet (Robert O Young) to be most helpful. However, I am forever falling off the wagon. (It should be easy during lockdown as you don’t have to go out, where the temptations are. ) I always feel that I have vibrant good health eating greens, nuts, seeds, healthy omega oils, coconut, beans, lentils, especially, but not essentially, raw. My problem is sugar and gluten - both are strictly forbidden (including your own favourite, fruit.) If you can stay away from these, as well as highly processed foods, and also eat organic as much as you can, then there is definitely a benefit. It’s also essential to keep well-hydrated with quality water - I currently alkalize my water, but I think I would prefer ARK water. Being in tune with the structure of the Universe is bound to be a health benefit.

Anyway, good health to you whatever diet you choose, and enjoy it too.

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Irène GROSJEAN, naturopathe âgée de 90 ans et en pleine forme, ne préconise pas de régime mais un mode d’alimentation.
Il est assez difficile de faire un régime et de le maintenir dans le temps. Donc, ne rien retirer de son alimentation actuelle mais commencer tous les repas par un grand verre de jus de fruits et de légumes, pressés à l’extracteur pour en retirer la quintessence.
Et ajouter des aliments crus ; pas de légumineuses. Manger autant de fruits qu’on a envie dans la journée ; elle considère aussi comme fruits tout ce qui pousse au-dessus du sol : tomates, concombre, aubergines, piments, etc.
Tout ce qui pousse si on le met en terre est donc vivant, bon à consommer.
Toute la nourriture transformée, vidée de sa force de vie ainsi que la viande et le poisson s’éliminent seuls, progressivement et ne font plus envie.
Elle recommande également des purges à l’huile de ricin pour nettoyer la lymphe.
L’organisme se régénère, la santé apparaît de plus en plus et les maladies disparaissent comme par enchantement.
Elle a soigné plusieurs milliers de patients de cette façon.

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@YVES Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing.
I can relate to some of what you said, I haven’t done it all. Generally I agree one must be gentle and gradual while making changes. Once you are adjusted to a new way of life/lifestyle and diet, the body will automatically change and the desire to eat junk food will automatically diminish. Meditation is also very important in controlling cravings and bad habits. Listen to your body and love yourself.
@YVES I’ve taken the liberty to translate your message so I could comment. I hope its ok with you.?
TRANSLTION (Approximate)
Irene GROSJEAN, a 90-year-old naturopath in top form, does not advocate diet but a diet.
It is quite difficult to diet and maintain it over time. So do not remove anything from its current diet but start all meals with a large glass of fruit and vegetable juice, pressed with the extractor to remove the quintessence.
And add raw food; no legumes. Eat as much fruit as you want during the day; it also considers as fruit everything that grows above the ground: tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, peppers, etc.
Everything that grows if you put it in the ground is therefore alive, good to consume.
All processed food, drained of its life force as well as meat and fish are eliminated alone, gradually and no longer envy.
She also recommends castor oil purges to cleanse the lymph.
The body regenerates, health appears more and more and diseases disappear as if by enchantment.
She treated several thousand patients in this way.

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Personnally, I put my Ark Crystal in the fridge on my apples and my pears …
I’m mainly around Shelton orthotrophy (frugivore), but I can’t stay away from cheese, soy, french bread,chocolate … so it’s not exactly Shelton orthotrophy :wink: , but fruits are in the main place.
My parents were studying Shelton diet in the 1960’s, and I grew up meeting a lot of different vegetarian and vegan diets.

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I do not posses the Ark crystal sadly. But can you guys let me know if the results are comparable with results we get from pyramids? Pyramids enhances water, sharpens knives, heals the body. Incisions are healed at double the pace and if water is energized under the pyramid, plants grow better. The same should go for bee honeycombs, but only test which I’ve done with them - banana just dried up when exposed & honeycombs did sharpen the knives as well.
So I wonder if I’m missing out on something here, not having an Ark Crystal.