Garden of Eden Interpretation

Im a fan of Anton Parks and I am fascinated by ancient Sumerian mythology. These interests piqued after I drank syrian rue and mimosa bark.
I’ve been having ideas about the story of the Garden of Eden as a holo fracto graphic story. I personally know that humans are genetically engineered. I grew up in a roman catholic family and I rejected christianity and became a witch. Then, I studied qabbalah and Im fascinated with the content of the old testament. I think it is mistranslated for political reasons.

I studied literature at university and I am aware that when we translate, we interpret. It is especially challenging to translate outside of a culture and linguistic group. For example, Ancient Hebrew has numerological symbolism and it is not straight prose or even poetry. One cannot translate ancient Hebrew without cultural background. This must be even more so for Sumerian and Akkadian.

A great example of how badly text can be misinterpreted is the Biblical proverb, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, then for a rich man to get to heaven.” In ancient Hebrew, camel and rope are similar/ same words. They have a common numerological value. The camel metaphorically is a rope across the desert. Im not sure when you last tried to thread a camel. That must have been some good shit. The author probably meant “rope”. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think we really know what the ancient texts say. Im not sure how we are to acquire the cultural context to interpret… other then time travel, visionary states, etc.

So, I’ve been thinking. Perhaps these oldest of stories imparted upon us by our creators are holo fractographic in nature because these beings were from outside of time. (reloads pipe. just kidding- im one of the more sober people you “know”…) The perspective and time setting of the story is flexible.

So, maybe the Garden of Eden tells of how homo sapien sapien left the garden in which we were created and exited into the wilds of Earth. Maybe it is also an instruction manual. Maybe the Garden of Eden tells us that we are to move beyond the enclosure of the matrix/ speed of light illusion and into broad horizons. Perhaps both are correct interpretations.

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it is indeed that they do not understand the first language from before the fall, which enabled them to reach the heavens, but because it was only collected knowledge, not lived, (god) broke it down, into confusion. babel. not only do letters/numbers have meaning it also describes geometry and math at the same time. there is construct and order down to the last iota, but to explain what isn’t known they use the known to describe it and taken this description as truth. its a very accurate science. in fact its the blueprint. we take letters to create a word to describe a thing. they used letters that describes what the word/name means and leads to.
for a while i was ridiculed, but over the last few months the are over 4000 articles written mentioning my work by academia. over the years they have taken bits and pieces that fitted their theories, and rejected that which didn’t, dumping the baby with the bathwater. this blueprint is the basis of not just the bible, but veda,s B.gita,s Pythagoras , Plato, and several others, it was the alchemy the philosopher stones,

no interpretations and reveals the truth behind every field of science. the true blueprint of creation. including that of consciousness and its imprisonment.
its math perfect.

So true about needing to know the language and culture to interpret properly. I have given a lot of thought to content of the Old Testament, too, and have considered that it must have been sacred oral tribal tradition, the sacred nature perhaps being reason for it NOT being record.

Many like to think of it as history, but it may have been primarily interpretations of historical events to teach object lessons - becoming sacred knowledge and/or myth - sort of “fluffed up” history like the embellished dialogue type of memoirs that allow a lot of latitude when it comes to being factual. However, at some point oral history/tradition was recorded as permanently as possible for posterity, but that may not have been until many of the details of oral history had been long forgotten.

What is written could as easily be totally symbolic perhaps became that way with embellishment as historic facts fell by the wayside. We know the history of choosing what to put in the New Testament was very politicized. And it seems to be human nature to politicize both history and the sacred for personal political gain through tacking on people-made “stuff” (interpretation). That eventually changes the telling of the experiences around which legends grew. It does not necessarily detract from the actual experience but it does change it. There were probably a lot of changes that happened before what we know as the old testament was put into writing.

Holo fractographic in nature and from outside time is an interesting theory to consider. Makes sense. (Loving the sense of humor . . . (_) too.) Mary

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dear Goose/marie, thank you for your reply, the story of babel where god took down the tower, because they wanted to reach the heavens is a good indicator. when knowledge is gained while still under ego,s spell, a butter knife is used as a killing tool. many consider collecting knowledge equal to wisdom. but what good could it do if one finds the laws by with all is governed but do not live by it? the same counts for knowing thyself, how many think they know themselves yet are ruled by the puppets in their cave.? the language can be found within, when man/woman was created it was completed as all is within him and he in all. the language has all the aspects that makes up the whole. but it can only be found if one is free from its enslavement.

but to recognize that is hidden within, is the only way to recognize out there and find him under every stone you lift so to speak. once we have experienced all reflections and balanced out and centered. can we raise above it.
and see it beauty in all its glory.
and read what was hidden.

All bible writings especially the old testament were written long after the event described, some by hundreds of years. Many old books had multiple authors.
For instance every thing about Jesus was written long after his time on earth. The four gospels, the first written by Mark; Matthew and Luke basically copied Mark with their own revisions, John totally left out some of the most celebrated in Christianity and all of them written about 40 to 70 years after Jesus died.
My version of the Garden of Eden goes like this, remembering that as stated by several of you, interpretation and understanding the ancient culture wasn’t written as history but allegory, myth and teaching through stories:
(Genesis 2:17): … "But the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, thou shalt not eat of it… - (eating could well mean investigate,) which they did then God said: "Behold, the (human) has become one of us, to know Good and Evil… (a little liberty with nouns)

Well if you know my brain it sometimes sees an angle not seen before and suddenly I ‘saw’ a new interpretation for those words that nullifies ‘forever’ the common rendition of those words; in my opinion the ‘taught’ version makes zero sense except as a gender biased world of predator men, but a liberalized understanding of this myth changes everything.

I saw that those words could have been said thousands of years before the Jewish peoples were recognized as such and longer yet before printed text / scrolls but those words and other ideas in Genesis were likely carried over from a time when humans first recognized their capability of being different, being sentient, of identifying as part of a larger whole unlike all other life.Think of the abundant squirrels or birds, spending all their time eating, sleeping, playing and raising their young, not knowing anything else. After all if early humans didn’t have a sense of good and evil they were similar to all other animal life. Life just was, without definition and without judgment or measure other than survival. That may have been when human kind first awakened to something never before realized, perhaps when audio communication was in early stages of language.

To discredit the gender bias that comes out of this scripture we see that god spoke to man and woman with news that they could continue to exist as they had for millennia or they could (I dare you god speak) begin a new more informed and challenging way of living. So rather than disobedience they were challenged. The man said, leave good enough alone but the woman said, I heard her, I heard god say there is more to existence than what we know now. Eve said, ‘Adam’, it is time to take on responsibility, it is time to understand what god knows. If god exists we need to get on god’s level. Eve said yes and informed Adam we are moving on to greater vistas, we are opening to a bigger world, a bigger table. She became the first leader of men!

Eve was already on god’s wavelength, ready to wake up and show up in life and punt their limiting way of living, she recognized the power, energy and love of god that she clearly experienced. She was tired of existence when life is to be lived.

Female wisdom was ready and available right when needed. Eve recognized that not knowing good is not knowing evil, to not know right was to not know wrong and their lot in life wasn’t all that good because it was limiting. She already knew the law that for every action there is an opposite reaction, she understood reciprocity, she was the genius of her time. She recognized they lived in limited circumstances and her spirit consciousness drove her to live in an unlimited world. In a sense, they became adults in an era of juveniles

And so ends the lie, a new era has opened!



it is true they, woman were closer to god, but that was lost too, as to it having been written long after. it was still done with the rules of and in accordance , ,…to contain the wisdom so that when humanity was ready they could read them as intended.
not one iota out of place. they often say it was just aa group of man that decided which to put in and which to leave out. but there was purpose to it. and reason to 39 and 27 or 66 books there is structure in the text, and far greater then most could even dare to imagine. the math perfect, the geometry whole. and the order of it all a perfected whole. way beyond te present day science that is so fragmented that they dont know how its all interconnected. they had the blueprint of creation. and its logic so beautiful .
as above so below. man as 18. travels the galactic ocean collecting the animals male and female. the vessel being us. 25920 was the cycle such as plato gave. man 18 means 25920 - 18 = 25918.2 if we divide it by 66 books we get 3927. 39 in the old and 27 in the new testament the ark? it was said to be 300 x 50 x 30 or 45.000 but they were cubits its measure was 52,36cm 45. x 52,36 is 23562 x 11 the two pillars. 25918,2 or 6 times 39.27 while 8 times is pi. or if we wish to have the base tone . 25920 divided by pi 3,1416 to get its diameter is 8,250.5729564553093964858670741024 but they are cubits so multiplied by 0,5236 equals 432.000 a cycle each religion knew. 432 /3x2=288 , the vessel that broke into 288 sparks the diameter of one circle. done twice creates the overlapping circles that make the vesica piscis . and from its roots a second tree is made together the are the two trees in the middle of the garden. some know it as the flower of life or seed of life.
with its diameter of 144 . and the 3/2 ratio gives us 96 as diameter so the circle is 3015936 how many cubits? divide by 52.36 equals 576. or the tree of knowledge. and is it right? 25920 divided by the 45 of the ark is 576. the circumference of the eight of the tree of knowledge. in accordance with the kabballah we enter from 4 to 5 and we exit from 5 to 4 so 54. 25920 divided by 54 is 480 and 480 is the circumference of the eight of the tree of life. one is a double pentagram one face up the other face down. and the other a joined hexagram and pentagram. of which eliphas levi said, he who is able to join the hexagram and pentagram has solved half of the sacred secret.