Gardening and Quantum Geometry

What is the relationship between quantum geometry and the macro physical environment, specifically the use of symbols and configurations like the flower of life in garden design? Is it possible that the use of that configuration in garden design would influence the yield and growth of plants for the better? Why would that be the case if it is so? Also, would the gardener’s intention and meditation amplify this effect?

Hi townestricia1,
thought i’d chime in, if ok. enviro-engineer, bio-organic farmer.

in biodynamics, we see biology responding , operating by default, with energetic conditions as expressed by the U.

to actually incorporate the flower into a farming (i do not recognize the term gardening, sorry) layout, has the potential yes to operate more in some coherently compatible condition with the vacuum and greater surrounding cosmos.

however, i would submit that this configuration would need to be faithful as possible to the entire 64-tet geometry, to effect a full realization of pulling energy from the vacuum, for the benefit of contained or nearby biology.

continuing conjecture- this places a constraint such that a physical, 3D fully developed 64-tet structure - or suitable sacred geometry, would BE the farm, with perhaps soil within the event horizons and plants dangling out all around. not intensely practical, though wow what an experiment it would be!

on a more practical note, is laying out the imprint of the structure in essentially a 2D config along the surface of a farmfield:

in essence, this suggests tracing out a flower of life symbol along the surface of the field, with defining outlines perhaps as boundaries for plants and soil which are then contained within that geometry.

fair questions arise, as i do not claim to solve this mystery: does the U actually respond to just the surface 2D imprint of sacred geo, and to this i would say YES sacred is sacred for physical AND energetic reasons. however, a cruel amount of accuracy, difficult to maintain, would almost certainly be required for autonomous operation at optimal bio-compatibility.

the last phenom i can see in this wonderful experiment, is how YOU the farmer FEEL about that stellar geometry you’ve got defining the center of your farmfield- here, there is a plethora of proven data involving intention and crop result.

here is where we all can shine, and quite significantly. informing the U of agreement with, and an excitement for the universal process of existence- however we are all wrapped in it- does project onto your environment. and, in a way of computation increases your probability towards positive result.

hoping this is not overly-winded- pls let us know if you were to go through with this!