Glass Bottles for Charging Water

I’m looking for a Flower Vase or Water Bottle with a Kick up or Pushup base in order to fit the ARK crystal underneath. Anyone have any luck looking for one? I know about the bottles that the ARK team are coming out with but in the mean time i would like to find a solution. Instead of sitting a container on top of a stand and having the crystal underneath i would rather find a large container with a hollowed out bottom so the water surrounds the crystal and is not just on top. Thanks

Thank You check out here and share what you find as well Water: the science and the mystry Ark Crystal Water, Water Menory, spiritual use of water and more

Check this out. Im looking for a Glass decanter with a large enough kick-up or push-up base to fit the ARK crystal underneath.
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If i was ever going to spend two hundred dollars on water, I would do it for this. This looks awesome and gives me ideas for my own water charging. Thank you for sharing.

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