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First of all, a big thank you to Nassim and his team, for providing humankind (people or processes) with tools to help us manage our sociopolitical or economic circumstance at scale or to connect with humankind on a much deeper level.

Singularity, prior unity or zero-point reality, aren’t easy topics to grasp with the mind or any one of our four faculties:

  • body or service
  • mind or attention
  • emotion or feeling
  • breathe or energy

But is something that is best understood when all four faculties are surrendered, either individually or collectively.

So thanks again.

I wanted to share my project that I am working on called Eleutherios that was inspired by Nassim and his Schwarzschild Proton paper and how the proton forms a boundary condition of reality or all matter or energy in the universe.

I understood what Nassim was saying, is that no matter who or what we think we are, we are all a part of the same or single event, circumstance or process. This single event, circumstance or process has many names, in science it’s called singularity, zero-point reality, energy, light, constant etc. In religion it’s called God, consciousness, Heart, love etc.

My background as a scientist or computer programmer enabled me to see how this event or process is real or the case computationally or programmatically.

And how to subscribe to this event using a computer or Turing machine.

In the above image people or services operate the same way protons do encapsulated by singularity or in a forum, event or circumstance.

Some of you might have noticed how similar my model looks to Nassim’s isotropic vector matrix model or vector equilibrium.

Nassim, gave be the inspiration to visualize a forum in place of the isotropic vector matrix to manage the protons or services in the system.

I visualized as Nassim did the isotropic vector matrix or forum scaling on all levels to manage any or all services or protons in the system.

Using a Turing machine or computer we can duplicate this same process of scalability using self-referencing (forum-in-forum) or a many-to-many relationship between a forum (singularity) and a service (proton).

Why is this so important?

For eons people or business processes have served in a forum, request or conversation about sociopolitical or economic service or support in a linear or one-to-one way. For example, if a person had $100 to buy food, then the person might spend $50 at a grocery store, $20 at the butcher, and $30 at the vegetable store.

In the above example the person could only scale their forum, request or conversation for sociopolitical or economic service or support three times. Once at the grocery store, a second time at the butcher and a third time at the vegetable store.

Eleutherios is part of the new school circular economy where people or businesses are invited to serve one another on a many-to-many basis or indefinitely through the same forum, request or conversation.

For example, if a person was hungry and isolated at home with the Corona virus, they could register with Eleutherios and create a forum for some food. A food store owner could register as a service in the system and subscribe to the forum and ask the person what food they wanted? The food store owner could pick the order from their store and scale the forum by creating a sub-forum for a healthcare worker to help with the delivery of the food. The healthcare worker could scale the forum again for a delivery service and accompany the delivery service and be the person that actually delivers the food to the infected person.

In the above example, Eleutherios is scaling the forum or conversation that people or businesses are having with one another, not the service that they’re performing or providing. People or businesses still perform or provide the services that they do in relationship to other people or businesses or other services in the system.


Promo/demo video (2min)


Please contact Andras Laszlo to integrate ideas if you feel it resonates with your mission thanks Jeffree
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