Good interesting video on standard model point of view

Neil Turok give talk

Thanks for sharing this video. It is vey sad that still Mr. Turok think that our universe with several hundred billions of galaxies, where each galaxy holding billions of stars, and solar system is result of single Singularity. It is very sad that he think that all of these galaxies are working mechanically. It is sad that the originally the Big Bag was pronounced for one galaxy universe, but still he apply it for Billions of galaxies. It is very sad that he think that,this our intelligent complete, well organized universe is result of four dumb forces. It is very sad that he still following last century scientists, and never question them, basically, he didn’t contributed anything from his own thought. He is following our legends that they did not know anything about our universe,

regards Happy New Year.
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Yes Sad indeed act as an inspiration for us all to change the narrative it helps to see the errors of their thinking to help evolve it for our lovevolution.
lovevolution is the solution Jeffree

Thanks and you said it beautifully.
I am working on few thing. 1) ATOMS ARE SMART, If we accept this phenomenon, then, all the QM science, all Einstein, All mechanical theories of Newton, Galileo …. will be obsolete.
regards, JF