Green Movement "The Planet of the Humans" Michael Moor movie

If you every doubted how absolutely important it’s is for everyone here to help spread and understand this knowledge as the only alternative for humanities needs for energy this movie will quickly demonstrate that the current so called green movement is worse than the problem it trying to fix. Never has the statement “you can’t solve the problem with the same consciousness that created it” more true. If you don’t like to watch movies that don’t have a happy ending it’s not for you because they truthfully had to admit they could not find one. But here we do have an answer and our movie points to an answer so after you watch Planet of the Humans watch “The Connected Universe” movie you’ll need it to lift your spirits and commit to being part of the solution. Please comment on what you thought of the Planet of the Humans movie on you tube.


Hey Jeffree,

I watched about half of this movie because I communicate with advocates of nuclear energy. They are lamenting that this movie accurately and scathingly depicts the so-called ‘renewables’ industry (spoiler: it’s really a financial investment bubble), but the film-makers totally miss the obvious alternative: nuclear. Nuclear fission power is proven safe, efficient, abundant, and cheap. The only thing working against investment in nuclear power is a widespread, anti-technology, fear-mongering, Neo-Luddite mindset which would more accurately be called a medieval religious cult (the point-of-view which the filmmakers represent). In this view, humans are like vermin that have overrun the carrying capacity of the Earth; no wonder such a mindset doesn’t yield any solutions!

Actually, the creative power of human beings allows us to create new resources where there were none. There is no better examples of that in history than Nassim Haramein who has discovered the existence of unlimited energy in the structure of space, and more besides. I totally agree with you, Jeffree (author of the Lovelution) there’s no reason to be victims of this depressing outlook, or to let our fellow humans suffer from such delusions. We all can work towards educating the disillusioned members of the environmentalist movement that real scientific and technological progress IS harmonious with nature. It actually allows mankind to reshape and improve the Biosphere.

How is that? Well, there is no equilibrium in nature, Nature is never in a balance. 99% of all the species that have ever existed have gone extinct, and most of that happened before the first humans even existed. So, we, actually, instead of just trying to limit our impact on the environment, we can take an active role of stewardship over nature. We can reshape nature to suit our needs, like the development of hydropower and water management to prevent flooding, etc. but at the same time, extend and preserve natural areas for wildlife. As our food and energy production becomes more efficient, we will have more resources leftover to dedicate to the beautification of nature. In the age of Reason, Man will make a garden of the Earth and terraform Mars, changing its atmosphere and bringing the pre-conditions for life to that planet, and many others.

We are a product of the Biosphere, but we are obviously not its subjects. We can transcend the limits imposed by our biology, and that is the work of science and culture. We fulfill our destiny as the human species by extending the reach of life, which, all speculation aside, has yet to extend beyond the thin envelope of the Earth’s biosphere. So, let’s help our friends and neighbors understand that Green does not mean anti-technology, and conversely, that industrial civilization does not have to entail the destruction of Earth.

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Thanks Great to get your feedback on the movie I think its the most important subject for our development energy. I also thought nuclear was the best of the “green” sources but there no doubt the science here is the solution that need to be out in the main stream thinking. Glad your here helping. Jeffree


The infinite Access to energy from the vacuum structure itself must go together with change in our way of thinking towards Nature. We are a part of it. We depend on Nature. You know it’s not a case of “beautification” . It is to learn from Natue how to live alongside, inline. What should happen is a kind of reversed Agriculture Revolution. As the result of AR (Agriculture Revolution) 4 crops have used people to conquer environment. Since than we have lost most of Natural Forests which , in fact, leveled up atmosphere including so called green gases. We have than addicted to plant monoculture and an effort humans put in agriculture led to land owning and wars. And do we still want to terraform and force Nature to go deeper under our Supremacy ? With unlimited Energy plus Supremacy ideology we may kill this planet even faster than now. Well , Earth may look artificially beautiful like French garden but it will be dead flower inside. Nothing more than plants in separate buckets. The real coherent relationship with the Planet is to follow up its path.
We may live without paper and wooden fences or furniture, without thousands miles of monoculture croop fields and even without roads or land occupation. With unlimited Energy we may build cities and our food production above the ground, going down to heal ourselves or rest or just enjoy the wild life is comming to balance.


Great post Tomasz thank you OMLOVE & BLESSINGS

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From the Spiritual/mystical point of view, I felt the movie solution moment was near the 50-minute mark with humanity need to understand the truth of our nature.

Hi Jeffree,

I haven’t seen the movie to make a comment about it. But within the topic of Climate Change and human involvement, have you heard of Randal Carlson? I think he has great insight and makes a clear case that our climate is changing but not primarily because of “us”.
Pollution by humans is a problem but instead the focus seems to be on CO2.

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Oh, forgot to add … recently watched “the connected universe” I left a review on IMBD.

Nassim is our generations “third eye” or Da Vinci, Tesla :hugs:

Hello Sarah Thank You By the way when you join the Resonance Foundation you get FREE access to the movie The Connected Universe in member link. And yes it has been acknowledge here and by others (Wilcox, Braden) that there are bigger causes and NASA recording solar system-wide heating whatever the causes the “green movement” is not going to solve it Here lies our best hope of surviving and thriving. when see movie minute 50ish is important Sarah OMLOVE

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