Greetings Friends

Greetings Friends!

My name is Sebastian - by day I am a computer scientist working in the crypto field, by night I am a student of Consciousness and form. I have been interested in the topics presented here my entire life, but in the last year I have learned more about the structure and manifestation of phenomena than in my last 30 years of research.

After 30 years of meditation I’ve also established a solid experiential grounding in the realms of multidimensionalal perception and this, along with by scientific background, has been very useful in my work.

For an example of my work relative to consciousness studies please see:

Here are some apps that I built for numerical exploration.

This is how I learned that numbers correspond to angles and positions on a circle, that numbers have a (positive/negative, inner/outer) manifestation, that dimensionality can be defined as the number of degrees of freedom that something is able to spin on, that the wave/time elements of dimensionality are 2 and 3, that form and the non-periodic nature of apparent phenomena is 5 … and other absolutely mindblowing realizations - including the fact that the templates of Life are timeless and have literally always existed.

What humbles and awes me even further is the realization that all of it evolves naturally from the Void (I prefer the term Plenum for this everything/nothingness)

I’m looking for people of like mind and interest to discuss these topics. I’m interested in working with others to explore and understand aspects of multidimensional theory and how to apply it to creating technology in the areas of water revitalization, land management, and radiant energy systems research.

I’m also fascinated by topics like: the structure of perceptual models, exploring the local and non-local qualities of mind and unmanifest phenomena, the structure and nature of the relationship betwen manifest and unmanifest phenomena, and other topics that relate to the topology and mechanics of unmanifest reality and its relationship to the world of manifest phenomena. Finally, I am fascinated with the science of the transmission of consciousness and states of perception, as exploring theories of potential technologies which interface directly with Consciouness. If you read that and said ‘hell yes!’ please let me know.

Thanks for reading this!



  Hell Yes. 

I think that there is nothing new under the sun. All technology we have now was once manifested before. The wave of consciousness before us had to have either de-volved into us, or ascended into a higher consciousness realm. We, the next generation, are not so much creating, but remembering. For example, the bible’s “tower of Babel” sounds a lot to me like the internet. It enables all people of all nations to speak the same language. Its vibrations reach the heavens. The “Lord” (not the Creator) then decided to divide the people again by language so that their progression was slowed. Hence; us. But here we are once again, all speaking in ones and zeros. Remembering.

As far as angles and numbers go, I would suggest that you investigate Astrology. The dimensions or octaves of personality expressions are separated by angles. If you already have a deep understanding of geometry and calculus, you will be a natural. For example, Aries is at 0 degrees and Libra begins at 180 degrees. These are the beginning and middle of the creation process. Fire and Air. They are both masculine or active movement. The planets are recorded as interacting with these energies according to their angle as well. These are the sciences that the ancients had to preserve in stories because we were too dumb to understand science. Now that we aren’t that dumb, we can revisit these sciences with fresh understanding. Apply Classical Musical theory to this knowledge and you will have quantum physics concepts in there too. It is all connected. But the separation of knowledge, much like the separation of people at Babel, was a stone in the pathway we already chose to take, but veered off. Now that we have found out way back to the path, we must remain united in order to have a different outcome.

The unmanifest and the manifest are a glorious representation of darkness and light. The consciousness is the prism. It is an honor to be able to share discussion on these topics with you. Please feel free to message me on any of these or other topics. A connection is light. I am all for that.

I agree with you relative to the part about there being nothing new under the Sun. I’ve been on this planet for a long time, sounds like you have as well. Please come by my Discord if you like:

Here’s my site: